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Even if she is not involved in Josh’s appeals process, Anna Duggar is sadly still his wife.

This isn’t even a she made her bed situation. Adult cultists set her on this path from birth. And now she’s stuck.

Anna has no husband and no professional skills or meaningful credentials. But hey, she was on reality TV for years, right?

After all of that time, does she have enough to stay afloat while Josh serves his sentence?

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Anna Duggar took to Instagram this week to share her views on ways in which the media is allegedly manipulating the public post-election. The whole thing was extremely bonkers.

Net worth is a complicated topic. It’s not a number on a bank account. It’s also a summary of property — like a house or car.

Net worth includes speculative value, like the estimated worth of a business. And it also includes debts, in the negative.

Online estimates in these matters can range from harrowingly accurate to comically dubious.

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Anna Duggar is looking radiant in the sunshine in this recent image. Josh’s wife is likely not smiling a lot of the time these days.

At present, online estimates of Anna Duggar’s net worth put the number around $60,000.

That is, of course, not an exact figure. It’s not like Forbes did an investigation.

But it is the best that we have to go on at the moment. So what does it tell us?

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Anna and Josh Duggar pose here with a baby back in the day, before things really fell apart for the couple.

$60,000 isn’t the lowest “celebrity” net worth that we’ve ever seen.

Sometimes, they slip into negative triple digits or more. Yes, even people who had actual careers. Life happens.

But a five-figure net worth for a mother of seven children is not exactly great news.

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Anna Duggar looks oddly happy to be leaving the courthouse here alongside her gross husband, Josh.

First of all, as we said, not all net worth comes from liquid currency.

So if Anna had $60,000 in the bank while owning a $350,000 home, we’d say okay, she has options.

But though a $60k net worth is probably not that unusual for a 34-year-old, Anna’s circumstances put her in dire straights.

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We’re talking about a woman who never received a real education. Her cult-approved homeschooling curriculum saw to that.

Even if she did not have seven children, and even if she were not in a restrictive cult, her vocational options would be limited.

As things stand, she seemingly has no money coming in. For that matter, where did that $60k come from?

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Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar announced the pending arrival of one of their kids in this photo.

One assumes that Anna’s net worth comes from years spent appearing on reality television.

Contrary to popular belief, appearing on television — on reality TV or scripted programming — does not guarantee riches.

But it does pay. So why isn’t Anna worth more after her years of TLC fame?

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Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar pose here for the camera, long before the latter went and got arrested.

A few years ago, Derick Dillard — husband of Jill Duggar — claimed that Jim Bob took charge of the pay from TLC.

According to him, his father-in-law accepted the pay for 19 Kids And Counting and then for Counting On.

The family, meanwhile, came to understand that their participation in the show was a sort of “service,” like being a missionary. In other words — they were doing sacred propaganda for their cult and lifestyle.

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Jim Bob has been “generous” with his adult children, setting up many of them with homes after they marry.

Of course, not every gift is a gift. Many have observed that he clearly uses money to control his adult children.

If each of them had received their own income, well, that wouldn’t have fit with Jim Bob.

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Anna Duggar is rarely seen online outside the company of her awful husband. That guy really does suck so much.

Anyway, back to Anna and her net worth.

She does have a “degree” in early childhood education … from an online Christian college program.

Why didn’t we factor this into her job options? Because she’s never taught anyone outside of her family. Also, even in the world of fundamentalist cults, who is going to hire Josh Duggar’s wife to teach their little children?

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Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

But we mention all of this about Jim Bob and the reality TV income because it may work in her favor.

It is possible that Anna’s in-laws will continue to support her and her children, or at least to keep them afloat.

Living in a warehouse, as they had been with Josh, may not be glamorous … but there are far worse circumstances.