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These days, Anna Duggar feels that all that she has left are her children and her faith.

At one point, she thought that she was marrying a future political powerhouse and businessman. But Josh can’t even manage to be a pillar of the community in prison.

Despite the evidence against him, Josh has refused to admit his guilt. His legal team is still filing appeals.

Many attorneys will coordinate with a non-incarcerated spouse during the appeals process. But Anna doesn’t want to be part of it.

Josh Duggar scored a rare legal victory this week. He was granted an extension in filing an appeal.

Josh Duggar’s defense team filed an appeal brief earlier this month, on October 3.

This 64-page filing included a case summary, it includes citations, and it includes a request for a 20-minute oral argument.

The argument will take place before the federal appeals court. If the court is willing to hear it.

Josh and Anna Go to Court
Josh and Anna Duggar were back in court this week. Josh is set to go to trial on child pornography charges on November 30.

Josh’s attorneys laid out three major points of contention to bring before the court.

First, they wish to debate Josh’s “constitutional right to present a complete defense” and whether his trial violated that.

Did the court somehow prevent him from defending himself as the law requires? Um, not to our knowledge.

Second, his attorneys have a bone to pick over the court’s decision to prevent Josh from suppressing statements.

And third, they are unhappy with the district court’s decision regarding expert witnesses.

The government’s expert offered testimony in court, but Josh’s alleged expert could not.

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot
Josh Duggar is hoping to get out of prison.

These are not, Josh’s attorneys say, minor quibbles. They want him out of prison on these grounds.

“Each of the errors giving rise to this appeal is sufficient to warrant reversal of Duggar’s conviction,” the brief asserts.

The prosecution will not have to respond until the October 24 deadline.

Josh Duggar is the Worst
Josh Duggar and his legal team have filed an appeal requesting a new trial. The odds, of course, are against them. (Photo via Instagram)

As we previously reported, In Touch Weekly detailed how Anna Duggar seems to want to move on.

To move on, but not to divorce him. Her cult forbids it. But simply to, you know, ignore this situation as much as she possibly can.

Simply put, she reportedly does not want to “deal” with the emotional highs and lows of the appeals process.

Duggar, Anna Photo
Anna Duggar is looking radiant in the sunshine in this recent image. Josh’s wife is likely not smiling a lot of the time these days.

Anna feels tired of the “added emotional strain” of getting personally involved in her disgraced husband’s defense.

“Of course, she prayed that Josh was wrongly convicted,” an alleged friend shared.

Anna reportedly hoped and prayed “that he had changed his ways and was innocent.”

Josh and Anna Duggar Get Fancy
Josh and Anna Duggar are at some sort of fancy event in this photo, back in the day.

“But,” the friend summarized, “he was found guilty, sentenced, and she accepted it.”

The report went on: “That was a nightmare for her. It’s been very difficult for her.”

“And while the appeals may be necessary,” the friend explained, “for her, it just feels like it’s dragging this nightmare on.”

Anna Duggar Goes QAnon Crazy
Anna Duggar took to Instagram this week to share her views on ways in which the media is allegedly manipulating the public post-election. The whole thing was extremely bonkers.

While many of her stances are not relatable, most of us can understand Anna’s desire to avoid thinking of her husband.

“Anna wants nothing more than to check out and forget everything about this nightmare,” her friend detailed.

The unnamed insider emphasized that this is a situation “that Josh has brought upon her and her children.”

“She just wants to move on,” the report emphasized.

“That’s one of the reasons she’s not on social media anymore,” the insider explained.

The friend commented that “It stresses her out.” But, you know, not enough for her to break cult rules and file for divorce.