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While so much of the Duggar world is wrapped up in Josh Duggar’s upcoming trial, many of the family have gone silent.

Not everyone is avoiding social media, however.

Jason Duggar went parachuting, and documented it for his followers. But his post had some … issues.

Fans cannot help but observe how catastrophically his Duggar brand "homeschooling education" failed him.

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"Skydive Training! There’s nothing like seeing Gods creation under canopy at 7,000 feet," Jason wrote.

"So blessed to be able to jump with these guys!!!" he shared.

Jason revealed that he is learning how to go skydiving alongside the controversual Duggar-Bates "Medic Corps."

"Skydive training with the boys, so blessed to be apart of the team!" Jason then wrote in another post.

He made a minor and not terribly uncommon typo, writing "apart" when he certainly meant to write "a part."

Well … almost certainly. Because with Jason, followers aren’t sure if he understands his mistake.

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Let’s be absolutely clear about this: anyone who writes will make typos every day.

Not all of those typos are seen by others, but many of them are.

From Twitter to People to printed newspapers, typos and other little errors happen and slip past editors. It’s part of being human.

Photo via Instagram

But followers have noticed an atypically high volume of typos among posts by the Duggars.

Remember, most of their Instagram updates are just a couple of sentences long, if that.

They’re not posting essays or short stories. They’re just telling people how their days went.

Jason Duggar

If we look at Jason "Jase" Duggar’s typo here, it’s the kind of thing that you might not notice if spoken aloud.

Which is what led his followers to speculate that he might not know the difference.

The reason? Well … Jim Bob and Michelle homeschool their children.

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There are many arguments about homeschooling in general, but obviously, not all homeschoolers end up with academic shortcomings.

In past generations, it was often a stereotype that some homeschoolers were academic overachievers.

Take a smart child and a smart parent and the right time and educational materials, and a child could theoretically outpace their peers.

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The issues with that kind of homeschooling, of course, have more to do with social development and parental agendas.

Some parents took to homeschooling as a result of racial desegregation. Some homeschool to conceal domestic violence from mandated reporters.

Certainly part of the Duggar agenda has to do with limiting the scope of science educations, and denying exposure to classmates who are LGBTQ+ or of other religions.

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But the Duggar family homeschooling practices have other major shortcomings.

They have a lot of children and zero qualifications to teach even one of them, let alone such a large number.

Relying upon older siblings to teach their younger siblings when their parent is too busy is no excuse.

Michelle Duggar on YouTube

The curriculum itself of course comes with the cult’s stamp of approval.

That is another way of saying that it is woefully incomplete.

It’s not an oversight — the curriculum taught to the Duggars, their church, and the IBLP cult skips a lot of important educational material on purpose.

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And, from their perspective, why should they want to properly educate their kids?

In their belief system, women don’t work outside of the home.

And Duggar men are expected to either do specialized businesses, work within the cult, or go into politics.

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Giving their children actual educations would mean giving them options for how to live their lives.

That is anathema to the Duggar beliefs.

They cannot let their children make their own choices as adults — not if those choices could take them away from the cult.

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Jason’s typo isn’t the end of the world by any means, and it’s something that you could easily see from a person with an actual education.

If this weren’t part of a larger pattern, and if fans and followers hadn’t pointed it out, we might have ignored it.

It’s important to note that we’re not really poking fun at Jason. He’s a homeschooling victim. He didn’t choose this life for himself.

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The Medic Corps thing … which many Duggar critics have labeled a full-on scam as well as downright sinister … is another thing.

Jason may have been raised in a cult, but at 21, he is old enough to be held accountable for working and associating with dubious figures.

Of course, it’s unlikely that he sees it that way, and why would he? After all, he’s never been able to experience the real world.