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Shayne Jansen is in mourning.

On Thursday, the former Love Is Blind cast member alerted followers to a tragic piece of news: His mother, Karen, has passed away.

The season two contestant announced his the passing via Instagram.

Shayne Jansen starred on Love Is Blind Season 2. He’s posting here with his mother, who passed away in October 2022.

“I lost my best friend today,” Jansen wrote.

“For the last year we have been inseparable. Coffee every morning to Schitt’s Creek every night.

“I’m broken inside but I know I can live with zero regrets knowing we did everything together. I’ll never be able to replace my FaceTime partner on the daily.

“Thank you all for the support.”

After announcing this death, the reality star uploaded a screenshot on his Instagram Story of a text conversation with his mother.

The Wisconsin native sent Karen Shania Twain‘s “You’re Still the One” and said it’s “our song” on Valentine’s Day.

Karen then asked him if he was home yet and thanked him for the track — only to then asked her son if he was home because he hadn’t answered the question yet.

Check out the exchange, and Shayne’s commentary on it, below:

In the wake of this coonfirmation, members of the Love Is Blind family sent their condolences, including hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

The actress wrote in the comments, “Sending you Love. I’m so sorry,” while the 98 Degrees singer added: “So sorry brother….”

Many of Shayne’s fellow cast members also passed along words of support.

“We’re praying for you and your family Shayne,” Shaina Hurley wrote. “We’re here for you.”

Added Deepti Vempati: “Sending you love.”

While Shayne’s dad died before Love Is Blind started shooting, viewers of the Netflix reality show actually met Karen earlier this year when her son was engaged to Natalie Lee.

The couple ultimately didn’t make it to the altar, calling off their wedding after an argument the night before their scheduled nuptials.

“The big blowout fight she and Shayne had was something she could not get past — even months later,” an insider told Us Weekly at the time.

“They tried dating again but, in the end, they weren’t meant to be, and it was for the best.”

“I think that Shayne is very loving. I mean, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, you know what I mean?” Karen said during her on-air stint. “And he loves family.”

On a March episode of Nick Viall’s podcast, meanwhile, Shayne touched on the loss of his dad.

“My dad did pass away like four months before the show happened. So, I was not in a good mental place, ” he said back then.

“Should I have gone on the show? Maybe not, I don’t know.

“But I saw it as an opportunity to put myself out there, and I really wanted to do that and just see what would happen.”