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Will they or won’t they?

As we look forward to the September 20 season finale of The Bachelorette, fans across the nation are asking:

Will Gabby and Rachel find their happily ever after?

Or, like so many series leads before them, will the stars end up with their hearts broken and their dreams shattered?

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As far as Gabby is concerned, we’ve heard that she’s engaged to Erich.

But we’ve also heard that Erich reached out to an ex-girlfriend long after filming ending, and that he was dating this same person when he left to shoot the season.

In a trailer for the finale, meanwhile, Rachel and Tino are having their own issues.

“I just really need to tell you something that’s been weighing on me,” the latter tells The Bachelorette co-lead in the preview.

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Tino and Rachel enjoyed quite a run on The Bachelor Season 19. It appears as if they fell in love.

“There’s just no way this works out,” Tino adds while trying to avoid the cameras, as Rachel cries nearby and he says:

“She’s throwing me under the bus saying all of this is lies?”

The pair appear to have it out after this exchange, with Rachel screaming at Tino:

“You’re lying straight to my face. Look me in the eyes and lie to me again.”

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At another point, Rachel demands of Tino “an answer for why you did what you did,” before stating in a confessional:

“I have never felt this blindsided and betrayed. I’m done.”

So, what the heck happened? What prompted this argument?

As is so often the case, Bachelorette Spoiler guru Reality Steve claims to have the answer.

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According to Reality Steve, Rachel and Tino had a pretty big disagreement after they got engaged on the finale.

She wanted to hit pause on their engagement and merely date, but while that’s “not what Tino wanted,” Steve writes, although he didn’t object because “he was afraid he’d lose her.”

After pivoting to just dating, the relationship was “murky,” “communication was poor,” and then… Tino hooked up with someone else.

“Tino kissed another girl. There wasn’t sex, and it wasn’t an ongoing thing,” reports Reality Steve.

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Rachel found out about the kiss because Tino told her (this is the conversation we see in teasers for the finale) and she ended the relationship because of it.

As always, of course, the After the Final Rose special is live; it will air after the finale and should provide viewers with an update on where things stand between Rachel and Tino.

Perhaps our hopes should not be too high, however.

Why? Because there “doesn’t seem to be any reconciliation coming” even though Tino is potentially open to it, per Reality Steve.

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Yikes, huh? Just… yikes all around.

The three-hour Bachelorette finale extravaganza kicks off on Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

Get your popcorn ready, folks.

And maybe your tissues.