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Stop reading right now if you do not want the future of at least one Bachelorette couple to be spoiled.

Last month, we reported that both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia will get engaged on next week’s season finale, the former to Tino and the latter to Erich.

So, yes, viewers will witness a pair of proposals in just a few days.

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It’s been quite a journey for Rachel and Gabby on The Bachelorette. Will each find happiness?

These proposals, however, took place several months ago, back when these Season 19 episodes were actually filmed.

Fast forward to current times and Bachelorette Spoiler guru Reality Steve has dropped a bombshell:

Rachel will not make it to the altar with Tino.

This shouldn’t exactly come as a shock to anyone who has paid any attention to this franchise at all, considering how infrequently couples who meet on The Bachelorette actually get married.

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But here’s the unfortunate thing, according to Reality Steve… Rachel’s relationship will fall apart due to a cheating scandal.

“While I don’t know exactly what [Tino] did (if anything), what I was told was that, well, her name is Rachel,” Steve wrote on his blog this week.

“And it’s kind of ironic because it somewhat resembles the Ross & Rachel situation from Friends.”

This is a reference to the sitcom Friends, which at one time featured the character Ross sleeping with another woman because he believed he and estranged girlfriend Rachel were “on a break.”

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Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are looking for love on The Bachelorette. Yes, at the same time!

“I don’t know if any cheating occurred and that’s what she’s questioning so please don’t make that your narrative,” Steve continues.

“The Ross/Rachel reference is more about her name being Rachel, and I was told there was definitely some ambiguity in regards to what was happening in the relationship.

“But what I do know is her just even asking him that question came about because they were definitely at a weird point in their relationship where they were still engaged but weren’t talking.”

This time, Steve is referring to footage ABC has already shown… in which Rachel asks someone off-screen:

“I want an answer for why you did, what you did.”

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Reality Steve elaborated as follows:

“I was told at some point post-engagement, Rachel and Tino basically stopped talking.

“I don’t know why, I don’t know who stopped talking to who, but there was definitely a ‘what the hell is happening here, I thought we were engaged’ kinda miscommunication happening.”

From here, Steve boiled down this rumor to a definitive and sad reality…

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We’re gonna go ahead and bold Steve’s concluding passage on the topic:

Rachel broke up with Tino and they are no longer engaged.

Again, I know you’ll have questions, but outside of the ‘something happened and they stopped talking post-engagement,’ I don’t know any more exact details.

But they’re broken up, and there won’t be any sort of reconciliation at the ATFR from everything I’ve heard. It’s over.

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As for Gabby and Erich?

We’ll once again turn things over to Reality Steve:

They are still together. Nothing new to report there. Whatever drama goes down in Mexico, it’s not like anyone else comes back for her.

He’s the only guy left. They work through it and are together today.

Now, I did hear a possibility that maybe they didn’t get engaged in Mexico and they just left dating, but I was never able to confirm that.

The main thing that I doubled checked on was were they still together and I was told they absolutely are.