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Early this year, 90 Day Fiance fans learned that Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova were expecting Baby #2!

Despite numerous complications in their relationship over the years, many people have been rooting for them.

On Friday, September 23, Olga shared that she had given birth.

Nearly a week later, the pair released brand new family photos. They are now a family of four!

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By the middle of September, Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova new that the baby was coming soon.

Dropping a third trimester baby bump photo that could have doubled as album art, they made sure that their followers were also aware.

Then, on the penultimate Friday of the month, Olga took to her Instagram Story to share the news.

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“Guess who is not pregnant anymore,” she asked her fans and followers.

Her mirror selfie, showing off her hospital gown, made the answer abundantly clear to anyone who had not guessed.

However, she and Steven were not yet ready to share photos of their second child.

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Parents of a newborn have many reasons to postpone sharing baby photos — if they choose to do so at all.

To be blunt and a little insensitive, newborns are adjusting to a brand new environment. Some of them are not picture-ready just yet.

Now, after nearly a week since the childbirth announcement, Steven and Olga gave their baby her Instagram debut.

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“Family of 4 now, welcome Leila Isabelle Frend,” Olga and Steven wrote in a joint Instagram caption.

They included pictures of their growing family, including Alex — whom they welcomed in 2018.

The pics of Olga, Steven, Alex, and Leila were not formal. Not in the slightest.

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Steven has never been shy about showing off his athletic prowess — in this case, by doing a one-armed handstand. Impressive!

(We are especially glad to see how thoroughly he recovered after that frightening 2019 injury)

And thirsty fans have never minded seeing Steven remove his shirt. He’s one of the hottest men of 90 Day Fiance, for sure.

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90 Day Fiance star Steven Frend shared that he had deliberately set out to gain weight. These are his results after increasing his weight by 7.5%.

Fans were not always sure that Steven and Olga would — or should — be together. Some breakups along the way have only reinforced that notion.

First, because they were a vacation hookup. Two young hotties met up, neither planning to conceive Alex.

And second, because Steven had some troubling verbal and emotional habits — inherited from toxic family — that he needed to unlearn. Simply put, no one should ever speak to someone the way that he spoke to Olga on camera.

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Fans hope that they are doing better now. But we don’t really know more than they care to share.

Obviously, this beautiful couple should continue to control access to their family. No one has a right to intrude.

But we hope that they know that countless fans would love to see them reappear on the franchise, even just to check in on 90 Day Bares All or something.