90 Day Fiance: The Hottest Male Cast Members of All Time!

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TLC's 90 Day Fiance and its approximately 2,203 spinoffs are a must-watch success story for many of its elements.

There's drama. There are internal and external struggles. Production meddles. Life throws many curveballs.

Also, some of the couples on 90 Day Fiance are super hot.

Often, it's just the women who are hot ... and sometimes both halves of the couple are smoldering, of course.

Sometimes, though, it's the guy in the picture who's carrying his share of the weight in that department.

Here's The Hollywood Gossip's humble list of the hottest dudes to ever grace the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

We've also included some honorable mentions at the end.

1. Jesse Meester

Jesse Meester
Is Jesse a good person? Is he well-liked by fans or by his ex? The answer to all of that is "no." But is he a wildly handsome guy? Yes, yes he is.

2. Jay Smith

Jay Smith
Continuing with the "hot on the outside, very different on the inside" pattern is Jay Smith. This notorious, habitual cheater outrageously good-looking, which likely explains why he still has fans after all of the stunts that he has pulled.

3. Yazan Abo Horira

Yazan Abo Horira
Yazan is a seriously handsome dude. Admittedly, he's not "I'll-ignore-and-forget-how-you-treated-Brittany-especially-on-that-first-night-in-the-car" hot, because no one is, but he's very good-looking.

4. Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan Rivera
Jon is a hunky dude. Fans have observed that Fernanda has a "type" when she's dating -- she likes guys with big, muscular arms and some nice knockers to go with them. Though their marriage ended very bitterly, Jon's arms and tiddies are up to code.

5. Syngin Colchester

Syngin Colchester
Have you ever been watching 90 Day Fiance and a friend or housemate walks by, stops in their tracks, and goes "who is THAT guy?!" I have. More than once, actually. One of those times, it was Syngin on screen. He's a hot dude, he has nice hair -- all too rare, it seems -- and a charmingly hedonistic personality.

6. Pedro Jimeno

Pedro Jimeno
Pedro is a hottie. He and Chantel are one of the hottest couples, together, in the franchise, and Pedro himself is a knockout.

7. Biniyam Shibre

Biniyam Shibre
There are so many examples of Biniyam being hot, but this is the snap that Ariela shared with the world of how Biniyam looked when she first saw him. He was so hot that she set herself on the path of getting pregnant by him and having his baby in Ethiopia, no matter how consistently disrespectfully he treated her. Maybe she should have taken his dramatic haircut for the red flag that it was? Still ... fans can understand her motivations.

8. Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols
This ottery hottie came to the franchise via Larissa Lima, and it was immediately clear that he was a total upgrade from her ex. Even before fans saw his face, they were thirsting after his fit, hairy torso.

9. Asuelu Pulaa

Asuelu Pulaa
YES, there are more dignified photos of Asuelu than his first Halloween, but for some reason he's wearing a shirt in most other photos, so what is even the point? Seriously, Asuelu was so hot as Kalani's tour guide that she didn't just bone him -- he was her first-ever sexual partner.

10. Brandon Gibbs

Brandon Gibbs
Some unkind fans have poked fun at him for the sun damage on his face -- as if he ever had a choice about that or anything else given the real pieces of work that his parents are. Neutral fans have noted that he looks like Edward Norton. And thirsty fans cannot take their eyes off of his chest no matter what he's wearing. Brandon has a tight but muscular body that helps fans understand why Julia would endure her 90 Day Farmhand nightmare to be with him.

11. Alexei Brovarnik

Alexei Brovarnik
Alexei isn't just a trained medic, he's also a trained lifeguard ... and like so many with that job, he's a hottie. There's no wonder that he caught Loren's eye.

12. Andrei Castravet

Andrei Castravet
Andrei is a huge jerk and, in this moment as he changed before his wedding, his old buddies were body-shaming him (we'll chalk that up to s--tty cultural attitudes). The reality is that Andrei is one of the hottest dudes to ever be on the show. He also looks a little bit like a hammerhead shark, some fans argue, but we'd point out that art exists on the internet that shows that hammerhead shark dudes can look hot. Go ahead and google it. We'll wait.

13. Blake Abelard

Blake Abelard
Blake is a handsome guy. He and Jasmin were one of those rare equal-hotness couples where you look at them both and go "yeah, looks about right."

14. Steven Frend

Steven Frend
Shown here celebrating a 7.5% weight gain, Steven's hotness is a major factor in how well-liked he is despite his toxic on-screen behavior.

15. Mike Youngquist

Mike Youngquist
You don't need to read each and every thirst-comment left on Mike's social media (there are a lot of them) to see why he has attracted a lot of attention from fans or from Natalie herself. The guy is 6 foot 7, and plenty of fans want to climb him like a tree.

16. Armando Rubio

Armando Rubio
Armando is so kind and lovable that you'd almost be forgiven for missing that he's also hot. Almost. He's part of one of fans' favorite couples, and more than a few wish that it were a throuple (featuring them).

17. Kenneth Niedermeier

Kenneth Niedermeier
Right there with Armando (where he belongs) is Kenny, who is a grandfather in his late fifties -- but you'd never know it by looking at him. Well done, sir!

18. Jon Walters

Jon Walters
Notorious (in a good way) for his no-nonsense attitude and for speaking out no matter what, Jon is also just a handsome dude. You don't have to be personally into beards to recognize that.

19. Zied Hakimi

Zied Hakimi
In poll after poll, 90 Day Fiance fans bring up Zied as one of the most handsome guys on the franchise. Just don't tell Rebecca that.

20. Corey Rathgeber

Corey Rathgeber
Don't think that Corey's hot? You're in the minority. Not only did two 90 Day Fiance stars go to war over him in 2019, but the dude reportedly made a *lot* doing dances and strip teases for fans over Cameo.

21. Mohamed Jbali

Mohamed Jbali
Mohamed and Danielle used each other and lost each other, putting the franchise on the map in the process. But what Danielle wanted from Mohamed was sex -- because the guy's hot. Plenty of fans over the years have agreed ... to the point where more than once, he's had to ask commenters to tone it down. Seriously, please be respectful in your thirst.

22. Russ Mayfield

Russ Mayfield
Paola is a fitness model, but fans are always quick to note that Russ can hold his own when it comes to the hotness department.

23. Andrew Kenton

Andrew Kenton
Fans have had a LOT to say about Andrew, from his on screen manipulation tactics to his social media blame game. But the guy has nice hair and is handsome, and some of the comments that people leave to and about him are enough to make ANYONE blush.

24. Honorable Mention: Obaida

Honorable Mention: Obaida
Obaida is Yazan's hot brother. Yes, Yazan is also hot, but Obaida is all of the hotness and none of the lying or verbally abusive baggage that Yazan brings to the table.

25. Honorable Mention: Dylan Colchester

Honorable Mention: Dylan Colchester
Syngin's brother is an absolute smokeshow and literally thousands of fans have demanded to know if he's single. This isn't even a "we'll settle for Dylan since Syngin is taken" situation.

26. Honorable Mention: Miguel Zeta

Honorable Mention: Miguel Zeta
Melyza Zeta's hot brother Miguel is a model, which is no surprise, as that's an ideal calling for hot people. Miguel's minor appearance on the show turned heads. And speaking of which ...

27. Honorable Mention: David Gomez

Honorable Mention: David Gomez
Melyza's friend David is, some fans have suggested, the most good-looking person to have ever appeared on the franchise. I have it on good authority that one fan's entertaining thirst tweet about him, mentioning him only as "Melyza's friend David," ended up getting a "like" from him, to that person's horror. Just remember -- anything that you put out on social media could be found by anyone at any time. But if you're going to thirst tweet, you might as well make it about someone like David.


This photo of Jonathan, Jay, and Asuelu probably has a story behind it, but we don't yet know what that may be. Honestly? Some stories are best left untold. Just enjoy the pic.

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