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It has been a couple of years since 90 Day Fiance fans heard big news from Olga Koshimbetova or Steven Frend.

A vacation fling turned into a relationship when Olga became pregnant.

The two have had an on-again, off-again romance while co-parenting.

Now, Steven and Olga have revealed big news: they are expecting their second child!

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24-year-old Steven Frend spoke to In Touch Weekly to share the news.

“She’s currently 10 weeks," he specified.

Steven then added that the "gender is unknown."

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“It was not expected," Steven shared of the pregnancy, sharing that they had not been trying to give Alex a younger sibling.

He admitted that "it threw us off completely."

"As you see," Steven continued, "we just made a huge move from Maryland to Brooklyn, New York."

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"So, it wasn’t expected," Steven reiterated.

"But gratefully, I have a great job that pays amazing," he gushed.

"So with having a new kid on the way," Steven went on, "I’m at no worries."

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That lack of worries also extends to Olga, he shared.

"Olga can take time for a few months when the baby is born," Steven noted.

It can take several months simply to heal from the physical pain of the delivery. Plus there is all of the childcare for a newborn.

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“It’s been a crazy four months living here," Steven said of Brooklyn.

"And," he described, "this made it more interesting!”

One would certainly imagine so!

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Alex is 3-year old, an amazing age to become an older brother — and he is thrilled at the upcoming promotion.

“Our family just grew bigger and Alex is so excited to have a brother or sister," Steven gushed.

He then admitted: "Even though he really wants a brother."

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova Tell All

Steven praised: “Alex will be the best big brother ever.”

Becoming an older siblings can be a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs.

We’re sure that Alex is looking forward to discovering all of that for himself.

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Steven and Olga were married in August of 2019, following their journey on Season 6.

However, as we noted, things have not always been easy for them.

One moment, they would be planning a permanent move to Russia. The next, they would be co-parenting as "friends."

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Obviously, there was more than platonic friendship at play to get Baby #2 in the works, and we congratulate them for it.

Fans hope that these two are in a happier and healthier place than they were on screen.

There were moments when Steven’s hostile tone of voice — a toxic trait learned from family, he acknowledged — was bad enough to set off some viewers’ fight-or-flight responses.

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But, in most cases, learned toxicity can be unlearned with time, dedication, and therapy.

We’re so glad that Steven and Olga are in a financial position to welcome a second child.

90 Day Fiance fans who have followed their story on and off screen hope that they are also in a good emotional place for this. Congratulations to them both and to Alex!