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Less than one year ago, Karine Martins lost custody of her kids. Months later, so did Paul Staehle.

Obviously, 90 Day Fiance fans have a lot of questions about this troubled former couple.

Paul has had a lot to say, as always. Karine has been careful to share very little about this ongoing dispute.

But Karine has offered an update about her custody situation with sons Pierre and Ethan.

On Sunday, September 18, Karine Martins took to Instagram with an update on the family’s sad situation.

“I come here to say that my children are not with me yet,” she confirmed.

“But,” Karine revealed, “I can see them.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” Karine then lamented.

“And,” she expressed, “there are times when I want to talk about what the 3 of us are going through.”

Karine wrote: “I’m always a good mother and I’m going through it.”

“it’s not just me who suffers,” Karine noted, “my children suffer too.”

Addressing both of her sons, she assured: “I will never stop fighting for you two.”

Karine concluded her Instagram post by writing: “Pierre and Ethan you are my life.”

On Monday, Karine followed up that emotional post with a photo of her holding little Ethan.

“Time goes by so fast,” she began. “I didn’t see your first steps.”

Karine added: “I didn’t hear your first sentences.”

“His smile is beautiful and his voice is sweet,” Karine reported about her son.

She then concluded her caption by gushing: “I love you.”

In both posts, Karine of course included a Portuguese translation for her Brazilian fans and followers.

Naturally, we can draw certain reasonable conclusions from Karine’s posts.

Her caption and media suggest that she spent time with the boys very recently.

It is likely that this was a limited visit, possibly supervised. The boys are likely in foster care.

Late last spring, Paul Staehle’s face and name appeared in a number of social media posts about a missing person.

That person was Pierre, his and Karine’s firstborn.

Apparently, Paul was traveling with him for work. While details are hazy, family court and CPS clearly felt concern for Pierre’s safety.

Paul and his mother went to family court back in June to address the custody situation.

He has since expressed dismay that his own family could not take in Pierre and Ethan.

They were willing, apparently, but it seems that the court felt concerned about their eligibility.

This is a sad situation all around. But why is it happening?

First, Paul and Karine have not shared many details about their breakup, but it was clearly ugly. As always.

This time, Karine lost custody of the boys. It is unclear what led the court to this decision.

Paul Staehle makes Cameo announcement with Karine Martins

However, Paul’s loss of custody may be easier to explain.

According to him, Karine is currently in a program for victims of human trafficking.

Court documents also allege that Paul abused and sexually assaulted Karine during their marriage, while at times withholding her documents. Perhaps this is part of the evidence that family court is considering.