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This weekend, we learned that Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones (and their mothers) got into a physical fight during the taping of Teen Mom Family Reunion.

And now, Jenelle Evans is giving her thoughts on the situation.

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We’ll get into that in just a moment, but just be aware that they are some really, really dumb thoughts.

In case you missed it, the fight between Briana and Ashley started because during a group dinner, Roxanne, Briana’s mother, suggested that the moms of the Teen Moms should be more supportive of each other.

Tea, Ashley’s mother, has been known to give some opinions about the cast members on social media, so she took that remark personally.

She asked Roxanne to be more direct, so Roxanne expressed an issue with some things that Tea has said about Briana in the past.

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An all-out screaming match began, and Ashley claimed that Roxanne actually tried to pick up a chair and throw it at Tea, but security broke it up and things settled down …

For the moment, anyway.

Later, another fight broke out in the kitchen — again, according to Ashley, Roxanne bumped into Tea on purpose and told her that she wasn’t going to apologize.

Things escalated quickly from there, and Ashley ended up spitting in Briana’s face.

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Things were thrown, we don’t know too many details right now on everything that went down, but we do know that MTV executives reviewed the footage and made the decision to send all four ladies home.

Briana and Ashley spent a good deal of time trading jabs about the situation on social media, but today we’re going to talk about another very important opinion on the matter.

Jenelle’s opinion.

After the story broke, Jenelle hopped on her Instagram story to write “Spitting on someone is assault and then self defense is legal in lots of states after that happens. Just sayin’.”

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“But at the same time what do you expect putting girls with tension on the same show?” she added. “They knew something would happen.”

And since she’s so desperate to be besties with Briana, she followed up with “Let me clarify…I am responding to Ashley’s comments BTW … All I said yesterday was spitting is illegal and she’s trippin’.”

At this point, Ashley decided to respond, and she did not disappoint.

“Jenelle if you put the same energy into getting your kids back as you do dick riding, you’d be one big happy family,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

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You know Jenelle couldn’t let that lie — she responded by saying “Ashley you’re going to end up in prison just like Bar.”

“I hear you’re going to nursing school?” she asked. “Kiss that career goodbye lol.”

And if that wasn’t rich enough, she also told Ashley “Not to mention.. throwing fists while pregnant? Maybe you need to worry about your own family and kids.”

“You’re trash, like pure trash. Every time you speak it shows. Child endangerment already.”

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So much of this is just ridiculous — the statement about Bar being incarcerated like Jenelle hasn’t exclusively dated (and married) jailbirds is particularly something special.

But Jenelle accusing someone else of child endangerment when she knows good and well everything she’s ever done to and around her own children …


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Thankfully Ashley’s sister jumped in to offer a reality check, writing “You are the last MF to be calling someone trash Jenelle.”

“Every weekend I see you swimming in a body of water that look like sh-t water. I’m sure it’s the same water your farm animals bathe in. Your entire life is a sh-t show.” 

To that, Jenelle posted a video of herself standing by her pool, drinking a cheap beer.

“‘Your life is sh-t,'” she captioned the video, quoting Ashley’s sister. “I am doing just fine.”

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Sure, Jen.

We’re sure we haven’t heard the last of any of this … but man, what a beginning.