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Farrah Abraham has a long history of saying needlessly cruel things in situations where she could’ve easily just kept her mouth shut.

In fact, she’s been growing more irrelevant by the year ever since she got fired from Teen Mom OG, and tearing down more successful people is now her main tactic for hanging on to some shred of notoriety.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when Farrah bashes an actual celebrity with the goal of making a few tabloid headlines.

But the latest example of Farrah’s bitterness is so appalling that we’re admittedly a bit stunned.

Farrah Abraham Video Still
Farrah Abraham is capable of being very mean. (Photo via Instagram)

The washed-up reality star has taken aim at Lana Del Rey, who is of course one of the most successful singer-songwriters on the planet.

In her Instagram Stories, Farrah posted a photo of Del Rey along with a caption reading, “Is this real?”

We assume the remark was in reference to Lana’s physique.

Earlier, we described Farrah’s commentary as “needlessly cruel,” but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s going on here.

Basically, Farrah saw a photo of a celebrity — one who’s much, much more famous than her, by the way — and she decided to very publicly throw some shade.

Thankfully, Farrah’s followers were quick to call her out for her casual bullying.

(Photos via Getty)

“Weight gain is a part of life for both men and women,” one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Maybe she quit going to a gym, maybe she’s had metabolism issues, a medical condition, hormone problems, maybe she’s on birth control. Who knows?” this commenter continued, before pointing out:

“It just happens and it sucks. She’s still beautiful and her voice still rocks.”

Lana Del Rey in Color
Lana Del Rey may give off a vibe that she’s from an alternate reality where everything’s black and white, but she knows how to bring a splash of color. (Photo via Getty)

“Lana’s beautiful, Farrah’s so mean,” another person added.

“Yes Farrah – That’s what people look like. I can see why she wouldn’t believe it when she thinks how she looks is good,” a third chimed in.

Others were quick to point out that Farrah has undergone extensive plastic surgery, and thus, she should probably keep her criticisms of other people’s appearances to herself.

Farrah Abraham has had a lot of work done. (Photo via Instagram)

“I don’t think anyone who has had any form of plastic surgery is allowed to judge anyone else…period,” one observer wrote.

“She can shut up too. She’s had every cosmetic procedure under the sun so she has no room to talk,” another added.

We haven’t conducted a scientific poll or anything, but we think it’s safe to say that the internet is decidedly Team Lana in this situation.

Lana Del Rey, Grammy Awards
Lana Del Rey at the Grammys. (Photo via Instagram)

Farrah still has 3 million Instgram followers, so unfortunately, when she says something stupid, she does so for a sizable audience.

Hopefully, Lana is unconcerned with the opinions of thirsty Z-listers.