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“I told you from the beginning, Gabby and Rachel — they wanted to call all the shots,” host Jesse Palmer said on Monday night after Rachel went on her final hometown date with Aven.

Concluded The Bachelorette emcee:

“They decided that after their hometowns, they weren’t sending anybody home. They wanted to keep all of their men.”

Ahead of the always-interesting Fantasy Suite episode, however, these same men (and many others) sat down to allegedly tell all on Monday evening.

What did they say? Scroll down for a summary…

Does Jacob Regret How He Spoke to Gabby?

“There’s no excuses for my actions. I was rude. I was selfish. I was ignorant of her feelings,” he said.

“I need to take ownership on that — I did mess up. I just have to learn and hopefully teach others to do better as well.”

The former contestant grew emotional and later apologized directly to the ICU nurse.

Why Did Meatball at First Reject Rachel’s Rose?

“There was a lot of questions going through my head leading up to it,” James tried to explain.

“I mean, I came on open to both of them. Going in that rose ceremony, I thought if I were going to get a rose, it was going to be from Gabby.”

Where Was Chris?!?

Palmer quipped that the polarizing suitor ditched the reunion because Gabby and Rachel “booted him so hard out of the mansion that he didn’t dare show up.”

Alec then went off and trashed him.

“Chris was incredibly out of pocket the whole time. … Just trash, like, he didn’t help around the house,” said Alec.

“He wasn’t trying to make friends with us. He was trying to control the women.

“He was condescending. … He looks at things so in his own way, like there’s a right way to do anything, but it’s got to be his way.

“And he thinks his s—t don’t stink, but it does like his breath.”

Why Did Hayden Skip the Men Tell All?

For him not to be here, I think it speaks a lot to his character and how cowardly he is not to be here,” Mario remarked of the guy who said Gabby was “rough around the edges.”

Nate added:

“For a man to have to put down a woman to feel like he’s empowered? It’s just not OK. Then if this is how you’re treating Gabby, you don’t deserve Rachel either. So I’m glad that they eventually got rid of him.”

And joked:

“After hearing all that, he’s a misogynist. And honestly, his dog Rambo doesn’t need training. He needs training.”

Did Nate Really Hide His Daughter from an Ex-Girlfriend?

“I went through a pretty traumatizing time when I went through a divorce and essentially the foundation that was built around my daughter — pretty much crumbled,” Nate said of this rumor.

“And the one thing that I protect most on this earth is my daughter, like, I would never bring her into a situation that I feel is dangerous, a situation that I feel is unstable.

“And so it just made me put a wall up protecting my daughter from the instability of my dating life.”

When Palmer added, “For clarity, too, we’re also talking about the fact that you were dating two women simultaneously,” Nate admitted he messed up, stating on air:

“I would say I’m deeply sorry for the way that I acted. I should’ve been more communicative, I should have been more clear in my intentions.

“And I pray that you forgive the man that I was because I’m not that same person. … Every moment and emotion that I had with Gabby was real.

“We both felt it, we experienced it.

“You know in past relationships, I can’t always say that we had the commitment of, ‘We will be boyfriend and girlfriend,’ but with this, I committed to Gabby as her boyfriend, and I walked into it with that lens.”

What Happened to Gabby’s Connection With Mario?

“We had a great first night … We had a great connection. And the following rose ceremony where I did have a conversation with Rachel, it was just to have a conversation,” he said.

“That third rose ceremony where we chose sides, I was with Gabby and I didn’t pivot, right? And we did see that this season with a few guys that did pivot — one being Logan, where he was accepted, and I was sent home because of that.

“And so for me, I just felt like, you know, I just felt kind of like you did me wrong.”

How Will the Season End?

A new preview for The Bachelorette finale provided us with the key following takeaways:

Something happens after Fantasy Suites to make Zach feel “blindsided,” while Rachel accuses him of going back on his word.

Erich attempts to guilt Gabby into not sleeping with other guys during overnight dates, and someone else makes her feel that she’s “hard to love.”

Yes, as we previously witnessed, Palmer tells Rachel at one point, “You’re the only Bachelorette here.”

But it looks like both women do show up to the Proposal Platform. Exciting!