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Everything appears to have flipped on The Bachelorette.

For most of Season 19, Rachel Recchia was the lead who expressed concern and frustration over the way things were playing out.

She broke down on a recent episode, for example, because she felt rejected by nearly every suitor, many of whom chose to pursue Gabby Windey as a wife over poor and lonely Rachel.

Now, however?

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Based on an intriguing preview released this week by ABC, Gabby may be the one who makes a bold and shocking move on the upcoming finale.

The preview — which aired after Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette — features host Jesse Palmer telling Recchia that her co-Bachelorette “will not be joining” a rose ceremony.

As Recchia processes the unexpected development, Palmer tells her:

“You’re going to be the only Bachelorette here.”

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What the heck is happening?

We’ll need to wait a bit to find out because next week marks the Men Tell All specua, which will take viewers into the present day.

After Bachelor Nation watches Recchia and Windey confront their exes on stage, they’ll step back into the spotlight for the always-controversial Fantasy Suites episode.

“After Fantasy Suites, everything took a 180. It was the last thing I could’ve ever expected,” contestant Zach tells Palmer in this same trailer.

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As fo Erich, who recently lost his dad to cancer?

He takes issue with the entire concept.

“Picturing a girl I’m in love with doing that with someone else crushes me,” he understandably notes of Gabby doing whatever she does with another guy inside of the infamous Suite.

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Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are looking for love on The Bachelorette. Yes, at the same time!

Shortly after Erich makes this statement in the promo, Windey is seen bawling.

“He said he can’t love me,” she says. “Like, am I too broken for anyone to love?”

While Gabby is suffering, Recchia appears to have found what exactly what/who she signed up for.

“I am in love and I’ve never been this happy,” Rachel exclaims in the teaser.

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In a previous sit-down with People Magazine, Recchia and Windey opened up about how their journey was strengthened by their bond, even as things grew more and more challenging.

“I think Gabby and I just went into it talking to each other and knowing that throughout everything, we just had to have communication,” said Recchia. “And that really just worked for us throughout the whole thing.”

Added Windey:

“We know each other the best, our relationship above all is the most important.

“Plus a man that’s worth it isn’t going to have us fight over him, nor would we ever compromise our relationship for it.”

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.