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Just a few weeks ago, Kailyn Lowry was talking about having her tubes tied.

We guess she’ll have to delay the procedure, as it’s looking more and more like the former reality star-turned-podcast mogul is pregnant with her fifth child.

The first indication that Kail is secretly expecting came on Monday, when Chris Lopez, the father of Kail’s two youngest children, strongly hinted that his ex is knocked up.

Oh, he also claimed that Lowry tried to fight him while pregnant:

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You can’t make this stuff up — unless, of course, Chris is making this up, which is a distinct possibility.

“As a woman, what possesses you to say, ‘I will really beat you the f–k up,’ knowing that one, you can’t fight, and two, you’re not like that,” Lopez wrote in a strange social media ramble that started on Instagram and ended on Twitter.

“Granted, I get it, your boyfriend’s in the car. But why would you want him to get his ass whooped for you? Now he going to hate you. Make that make sense, Kail Lowry,” he prattled on.

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“Out here talking bout you’ll beat me up now you know you gotta protect the belly stop it.”

The boyfriend Chris is referring to is Kail’s 24-year-old beau Elijah Scott, who apparently watched the whole scene from the safety of his vehicle.

Speaking of Elijah and cars, Scott is currently attempting to make a sale that some fans are taking as confirmation of the news that Lowry is knocked up with her fifth child.

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Fans noticed earlier this week that Elijah has put his 2020 Dodge Daytona 392 up for sale on Facebook marketplace.

He’s asking $50,000 for the car, and fans have jumped to the conclusion that he’s decided he needs cash and a more sensible vehicle in the wake of the news that he’ll soon be a father.

“Is this a pregnancy confirmation?” one person asked, perhaps jumping the gun a bit.

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“Oh Gawd don’t tell me she’s pregnant already?” another asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“His financial status confuses me,” a third observed.

“He has money for a house and $50k car after divorce at 23, yet he joined the military. Most young people with money don’t join.”

“I guarantee it wasn’t worth 50k when he bought it,” a fourth person chimed in.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022
Kailyn Lowry is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom 2, courtesy of an installment that aired in 2022.

“The way prices are now, he probably thinks he can get that much.”

That last part was probably intended as a dig at Elijah, but the commenter accidentally pointed out that the sale might have nothing to do with the state of Kail’s uterus.

Cars are in short supply these days, and Elijah might be thinking that now is a good time cash in by unloading his flashy whip.

Kailyn Lowry Screen Capture
Kailyn Lowry is featured in this screen capture. We took it from her official Instagram page.

Besides, he’s dating and living with a wealthy woman who has a fleet of her own vehicles.

Elijah probably just figures he can borrow one of Kail’s cars whenever he needs to get anywhere.

If her track record is any indication, she probably won’t dump the guy for being an opportunist — especially if they’re expecting a kid together!