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Yes, Kailyn Lowry has retired from Teen Mom 2, but it seems that her life is still packed with enough drama to fill a dozen reality shows.

And at the center of it, as usual, is her never-ending feud with Briana DeJesus.

You might have thought that the situation came to a head when Lowry lost her defamation suit against DeJesus back in April.

But now, Briana is involved in a new scandal, and Kail couldn’t resist the opportunity to dunk on her rival while she’s down.

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Briana and Kail have been going at it for years. (Photos via MTV)

As you may have heard Briana has a new boyfriend.

And this scandalous relationship makes all of her previous tumultuous romances seem downright tame by comparison.

For starters, Briana is dating a much older man.

On top of that, these two met under scandalous circumstances.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Briana DeJesus looks rather concerned in this photo from Teen Mom 2, doesn’t she?

Briana’s new boyfriend, Bobby Scott, is a former Teen Mom 2 security guard, and he got fired when his bosses found out he was sleeping with a cast member.

Not only that, all of Scott’s fellow security guards got fired, as well.

So yeah, these two got off to a rather controversial start, and Kail couldn’t help herself from taking a subtle dig at Bri during her latest TikTok video:

Kail participated in a recent trend by listing several mistakes she’s made in her profession that she would never make again.

Things started out innocently enough with Kail revealing that she wouldn’t make the mistake of “signing a contract without an attorney present.”

She recalled that “seventeen-year-old [her] did not have an attorney look over any part of [her] contract before signing.”

Kail sheds some tears on Teen Mom 2. (Photo via MTV)


From there, Kail offered the following advice to young reality stars:

“Do not believe that [the] producers are your friends.”

“Yes there are exceptions…but overall, this is a business and they’re not your friends,” she elaborated.

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Kail shows off her tattoos and Apple Watch on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

It was then that Kail took a dig at Briana with her final piece of advice.

Lowry cautioned TV newcomers against “pursuing other cast members and/or staff that work on the show.”

Now, Kail has never had a dalliance with a co-worker — at least not that we’re aware of.

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Kail flips the bird to her MTV bosses. (Photo via MTV)

So it’s possible that she was outing herself there, but it’s much more likely that she was throwing shade at her rival’s latest controversy.

Not only did Bri help get several people fired by hooking up with Bobby, it’s not the first time that she got involved with someone who she met in a professional context.

You might recall that DeJesus briefly dated Javi Marroquin, who is Lowry’s ex-husband.

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Briana and Javi during their brief relationship. (Photo via Instagram)

So yeah, Bri hooking up with dudes she met while filming Teen Mom 2 is kind of a sensitive subject for Kail.

Knowing that, we guess it’s not terribly surprising that she couldn’t help herself from remarking on the current situation.

Of course, Kail probably would’ve talked some smack about Bri no matter the nature of the controversy.