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Earlier this week, we reported on the news that Briana DeJesus is dating a much older man.

Now, we have new intel on where she met the guy — and this couple’s origin story is even more scandalous than their age difference.

According to new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Briana is dating a guy named Bobby Scott, who is in his early forties.

Since fans are obsessed with the never-ending Briana vs. Kailyn Lowry feud, we’re sure much will be made of the fact that Kail’s new boyfriend is named Elijah Scott.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Briana DeJesus looks rather concerned in this photo from Teen Mom 2, doesn’t she?

As far as we can tell, Bobby is not Elijah’s dad, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed, because that would be freakin’ hilarious.

Anyway, Bobby is a security guard who formerly worked on the set of Teen Mom 2.

And the story of why he no longer has that job is the real scandal here.

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Workplace romances are often a messy business, and it seems that Briana and Bobby’s affair has resulted in some major widespread consequences.

A production insider tells The Ashley that not only was Bobby fired for hooking up with Briana, the entire security staff was let go, as well.

“Producers, crew members and even some of the cast members are pissed,” that source said.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second
This is a screen capture of Briana DeJesus from an episode of Teen Mom 2 in September of 2020.

“Because of Briana and Bobby, so many great people lost their jobs, and those people did nothing wrong. Some of these people have been there since Day 1,” the insider continued.

“It’s really sad, and super unprofessional. And now they’re flaunting the relationship like none of that happened.”

According to the insider, Bobby started out working with other Teen Mom stars, and he met Bri while filming a recent spinoff.

“Bobby used to do security on Catelynn [Lowell] and Maci [Bookout]’s shoots but he met Briana when she came to San Diego to film Teen Mom Family Reunion last year,” the production source tells The Ashley.

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“That’s when they first got together but no one else knew about it back then. They’ve been talking since then, but it was kept on the downlow.

“Finally Briana went to [executive producer] Larry [Musnik] and confessed that she and Bobby are in a relationship, and that it was consensual and all that,” the insider added.

“MTV doesn’t usually ‘fire’ someone,” a different source explained to The Ashley.

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Briana helped to get a lot of people fired, but she’s still one of the stars of Teen Mom universe.

“They just kind of ghost them. The entire security crew hasn’t been called to work for any of the shoots for ‘Next Chapter’ that have been happening for over a month now. They have hired a whole different security crew.”

“Some of these guys have been with the girls since they were teenagers and they are like family to the cast,” The Ashley’s source continued.

“They have been there through everything and, because of Bri and Bobby being unprofessional, they were just thrown away. A lot of people [who work on the show] are very sad and upset but there’s not much they can do.”

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Briana DeJesus looks a little confused here, Wonder why.

In an ironic twist, Bobby will now be appearing on the show in his new capacity as Bri’s boyfriend, meaning that he’s likely receiving a much larger paycheck for engaging in the same behavior that got him fired (along with all of his co-workers).

“Briana went to Bobby’s place in Michigan and they just filmed scenes for the ‘Next Chapter’ show,” The Ashley’s source said.

“So there’s a good chance Bobby will be on the show although they may not tell the full story about how he and Bri met.”

Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom (2)
Briana DeJesus is featured here in a scene from an episode of Teen Mom 2 in 2020.

Here’s hoping they decide to tell all, because that would be one hell of a juicy storyline!

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.