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Of the many children sired by Jim Bob Duggar, Joy-Anna might be the most loyal to her problematic dad.

Throughout Josh Duggar’s sexual assault trial, Joy was by her father’s side in the courtroom.

Unlike her other siblings, she was even there for Josh’s sentencing after he was convicted.

That means she stood by the villainous men in her family even after all the evidence had come in and the verdict was rendered.

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Joy-Anna Duggar poses for a selfie. (Photo via Instagram)

She’s so close with Jim Bob that there have been rumors that Joy is feuding with her sisters, who have wisely distanced themselves from the patriarch.

Jim Bob probably thought that if any one of his children would remain by his side no matter what, it would be Joy-Anna.

Which is why he’s probably not a big fan of her latest Instagram photos.

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Joy-Anna violates the Duggar dress code in this wholesome summer pic. (Photo via Instagram)

At first glance, there’s nothing scandalous or provocative about Joy’s latest pics.

In fact, they’re downright wholesome.

In one post, we see Joy at a playground with her children, and in another, she’s nursing her sunburn in the company of a friend and fellow mom.

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Joy-Anna Duggar nurses her summer sunburn. (Photo via Instagram)

“Ouch! She said ‘let’s lay out for just 10 more mins,'” Joy joked about her tanning session gone awry.

It’s tough to think of anything less controversial than content like that.

But Joy is also rocking exposed shoulders in both photos, which puts her in clear violation of the infamous Duggar dress code.

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She’s done it, folks! Joy-Anna Duggar now has blonde hair. What do you think? (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, if you’ve been following this family for any length of time then you’re probably all too familiar with the ridiculous dress code.

Basically, it dictates that women are required to dress “modestly” at all times, so that they won’t stir up any impure thoughts in any men that they might encounter over the course of the day.

We wish we were joking, but this is seriously a demand that’s placed on the women and girls of the Duggar clan.

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Joy-Anna Duggar shared this photo toward the end of 2020, telling followers at the time that she had a lot of goals for the new year. (Photo via Instagram)

Under the terms of the dress code, long skirts and billowy blouses are required at all times.

Joy used to have a reputation for adhering to the dress code strictly at all times — even while she was playing sports, or engaging in other outdoor activities!

But if her latest pics are any indication, those days are done, and Joy is proudly rocking bare shoulders, as any human being should be allowed to do.

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Joy-Anna Duggar still takes her kids to church ever week. (Photo via Instagram)

It’s possible that Joy knew it would be a hot day in northwest Arkansas, and she simply decided to dress for the weather.

But we like to think this is her way of slowly inching away from Jim Bob.

That might be unlikely, but it never hurts to dream!