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A lot of viewers are happy to see Yara Zaya again. And not only because she’s gorgeous.

Prior to the Season 7 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, it had been a hot minute.

On Season 7, Episode 1, we saw Jovi Dufren struggling to adjust to his hot wife’s renewed social life.

Both on screen and off, he admitted that there was one main thing holding them back from divorce.

We all know that the horrors of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will dominate Yara’s life and mind for much of this season.

The premiere, however, tackled considerably lighter material.

Yara has friends and a real social life again, now that Mylah is weaned. Jovi is having a hard time adjusting.

Jovi’s desire to spend time with his wife and daughter together is understandable. Sympathetic, even.

Saying that he felt like a “babysitter” is considerably less so.

Taking care of your actual human child is not “babysitting.” It’s just being a parent.

Yara points out that she was isolated for a long time.

She didn’t know anyone but Jovi, she was pregnant and then taking care of Mylah.

Oh, and she and Jovi married just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. She has friends now, and that’s a good thing. Right?

Still, Jovi and Yara have a lot of good vibes in the premiere, joking around as always.

Jovi does admit that Mylah is the glue that kept them together through some rough patches.

There’s more on that in a bit. First, Yara’s night out on the town.

Yara meets up with her friends, Cymphony and Adele. Are those their real names? Who knows?

She stuns them when she tells them that she shares her location with Jovi during their outings.

At first, she explains, it was a common sense safety thing after she moved to a new city. Now … it feels like he’s insecure.

Her friends point out to her that Jovi is insecure because she’s a total knockout.

They’re not as mean to him as the trailers made it seem. They call him cute, just not in Yara’s league.

That’s true. We think that Jovi would agree. Yara’s a total smokeshow.

She isn’t really feeling that right now.

After 17 months of nursing Mylah, she feels like her breasts are worse for wear.

Okay, that’s an understatement. She likens them to drooping water-filled garbage bags with pepperonis on them.

It turns out that Jovi has made some hurtful comments that make her feel insecure about her breasts. She is hoping to get a boob job.

We are hoping to hear what Jovi’s mother, Miss Gwen, has to say about that when she hears about it at the Tell All.

For that matter, what will Gwen Eymard say when she hears that her son likened taking care of his own daughter to “babysitting?”


While doing press ahead of the Season 7 premiere, Jovi and Yara spoke to The List.

Jovi admitted that he “100%” feels that Mylah kept them together when they might otherwise have split.

“We’ve both been pretty good parents,” he added.

Jovi added that Mylah is “really the main factor” holding them together.

Yara countered that she herself should be the main “thing” because she is “such a good wife.”

However, it sounds like the two of them were lighthearted during the exchange. They do love to tease each other.

Yara Zaya Fox Interview on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In the premiere, it’s clear that Yara and Jovi were expecting this season to be about a boob job and Jovi’s hypocrisy.

But in February, Vladimir Putin launched a brutal invasion of Yara’s homeland. With Ukraine under siege, Yara’s focus shifted.

We will see a lot of that as Season 7 continues. Yara’s family and friends, like the rest of the people of Ukraine, did not deserve to face this evil.