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Many Teen Mom fans have pointed out that Farrah Abraham is a bad parent. Always has been.

But Farrah seems to be a danger to more than just her teenage daughter … and various security guards.

Her own followers are now crying out in alarm, accusing her of animal abuse.

While some debate whether this is “abuse” or a less severe mistreatment, others recall that this is not the first time. …

Farrah Abraham has a “shared” account with 13-year-old Sophia Abraham.

The account is dedicated to “service animals” who are seemingly available for parties.

A tiny horse, Starburst, was unable to see … but has apparently recovered from her blindness.

“Starburst can see again! Thank you @centralcalicaregivers1” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

She announced that he is better “& were so happy she is off to hosting her first birthday party!”

“Excited for so much more for starburst!” Farrah then added as a self-promotion.

Now that Starburst is seeing again, Farrah quickly put her to work.

“Unicorn Diaries: Starburst hosted her first birthday party!” she wrote on Instagram.

She raved: “We’re so proud of this birthday wish come true!”

“Starburst let the kiddos paint unicorn designs, pet, & feed her!” Farrah announced.

“Not to mention more fun on the farm!” she then added vaguely.

Farrah then absurdly claimed: “Starburst knows she’s a birthday party must have!”

Knowing that some followers wondered about Farrah’s eyesight, she then offered details.

“We’re proud Starburst is back up & going after healing for 4 months & can see in both eyes!” Farrah wrote.

She continued: “We are so happy to see Starburst happier then ever & being a #workinhorse”

“Go Starburst Go!” Farrah proclaimed.

“We love you,” she went on. “Big thanks to the medical eye drops @centralcalicaregivers1!”

In an obvious promotion, Farrah concluded: “You can use on your cats & dogs too! & even for you!”

If you’re thinking “gee, Farrah sucks, but this sounds like her usual attempt at business acumen,” that’s fair.

But, as you can see in this photo that she shared, renting out this helpless little horse involves more than some bites of carrot.

The children met Starburst, then painted on her flank and mane with apparent abandon.

Farrah Abraham Threatens to Adopt a Kid AND Run for Office!

Is that a particularly dignified way to treat a fellow living being?

We don’t blame the children, and not even Farrah’s worst critics are doing so. They are, after all, just kids.

But Farrah is a grown woman who is making money off of using this miniature horse like a living canvas.

Farrah Abraham on a Podcast
Photo via YouTube/Howie Mandel Does Stuff

“Whoa! Whoa, this is NOT ok,” commented one alarmed follower.

Another expressed: “I think writing on an animal equals … ANIMAL CRUELTY … this is beyond disrespectful.”

A different commenter added: “This is awful. This is NOT cute, that poor horse.”

Farrah Abraham Confessional Photo
Farrah Abraham stares into the camera here during an appearance on Teen Mom.

Naturally, Farrah’s antics made their way to reddit, where people noted that this fits a broader pattern.

“Farrah only knows exploitation. She’s proud of renting out her horse to parties to let kids paint her,” observed one commenter.

Another wrote: “The way she treats living things is abhorrent, her own child being example number one.” Ouch. But are they wrong?