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Jason Sudeikis’ beloved sitcom Ted Lasso has been described by fans as a force for good in an increasingly unkind world.

But if his ex-fiancée Olivia Wilde is to be believed, Sudeikis is capable of pettiness that verges on cruelty.

Back in April, Wilde was served with a subpoena while on stage discussing her latest film project at a convention in Las Vegas.

The court documents turned out to be related to Wilde’s custody battle with her ex.

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Olivia Wilde was served with court papers in front of an audience. (Photo via Getty)

Fans were shocked that Sudeikis would stoop to such a demeaning stunt.

The actor claimed that it was his lawyer’s decision to serve Wilde she was on stage, and that he was completely ignorant of the plan.

But Wilde isn’t buying that story.

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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have two children together. (Photo via Getty)

In new court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Wilde accuses Sudeikis of “embarrass(ing) me professionally”

“Jason’s actions were clearly intended to threaten me and catch me off guard. He could have served me discreetly, but instead he chose to serve me in the most aggressive manner possible,” the actress and director said in her filing.

“The fact that Jason would embarrass me professionally and put our personal conflict on public display in this manner is extremely contrary to our children’s best interests,” Wilde continued.

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Jason and Olivia in happier times. (Photo via Getty)

“Since Jason has made it clear that we will not be able to work this out for our children’s sake outside of the court system, I filed a petition for custody in Los Angeles.”

Needless to say, it sounds as though the public serving of papers — whether sanctioned by Sudeikis or not — has made a bad situation worse.

Jason and Olivia have two children together — daughter Daisy, 5, and son Otis, 8.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis at the Oscars
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis pose here at the 2016 Academy Awards. (Photo via Getty)

Until recently, their disagreements over custody were private, and Sudeikis says he intended to keep them that way.

In his own filing, Sudeikis claimed that he wanted Wilde to be receive the documents not on stage, but at Heathrow Airport.

“I understand that the process server had only done her job; however, I deeply regret what happened,” said Sudeikis.

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Olivia Wilde ans Jason Sudeikis and their second child, daughter Daisy Josephine. (Photo via Instagram)

“Olivia’s talk was an important event for Olivia, both professionally and personally, and I am very, very sorry that the incident marred her special moment.”

Sudeikis wrote that he also rejected a plan to serve the papers to Wilde at the home of her boyfriend, Harry Styles.

“I did not want service to take place at the home of Olivia’s current partner because Otis and Daisy might be present,” he explained.

Olivia Wilde at the Tonys
GULP! It’s an understatement to say Olivia Wilde merely looked good at the 2017 Tony Awards. (Photo by Getty)

“I did not want service to take place at the children’s school because parents might be present.”

Wilde’s latest petition was successful, as the judge dismissed Sudeikis’ latest custody filing on grounds of jurisdiction, ruling that the case must be decided in Californis.

But despite this latest victory, it’s safe to say that this mess is far from resolved.