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If you’re one of the people who had been complaining that Jersey Shore just doesn’t deliver the drama like it used to, then we suppose all your wishes have come true this season.

Sure, the guidettes of the boardwalk aren’t taking off their giant earrings and engaging in Jerry Springer-style slap fights anymore, but the screaming matches have been as intense as ever in recent weeks.

The gang’s current San Diego trip got off to horrific start with Angelina Pivarnick and Mike Sorrentino hurling allegations at each other in a conference room instead of attending the pool party down below.

Conference room instead of pool party? Is this Jersey Shore or freakin’ Succession?

Anyway, on Thursday night’s episode the cast finally made their way to the pool (about ten minutes before last call), but the drama didn’t end there.

At first, the whole cast was ganged up on Angelina, pointing out that it wasn’t fair of her to be so secretive about her personal life, given how open the rest of them have been.

“Do you think I wanted to share when I had a miscarriage? I had court … everybody cried when I left. I got sent to prison!” Mike shouted at one point.

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Mike Sorrentino has been stirring the pot on Jersey Shore this season. But he swears he’s not to blame!

“When I got picked up from prison, I shared every single thing of my life. We all have.”

Mike made some solid points, and it looked as though the gang might be able to squash the beef in time to make the most of San Diego.

During their brief cameo at the pool, however, Mike made a remark about how Angelina found out that he wanted Jenni to interview her on his podcast.

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Angelina is always angry at her roommates. The current season of Jersey Shore features much Angeliners rage.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Deena was the one who initially spilled the podcast tea, and she took personal offense at Mike’s shady reminders about how this latest round of drama got started.

“I don’t need people saying side s— on the side,” an irate Deena fumed.

“Let it go, unless other people want it to be something.”

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Deena speaks her mind. (Photo via MTV)

Yes, folks, “Meana” had definitely come out, and Mike was not happy about what he felt was unfair treatment from the angry meatball.

“If you’re saying I’m talking s—, the whole group chat is talking s—,” he remarked to wife Lauren.

“I’m definitely pissed off. Why try to paint me in a bad light?”

The situation — no pun intended — deteriorated as the night went on, and the next morning, Deena was still distraught.

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(Photos via Food Network/Instagram)

“I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do anymore of this. Why are we still doing these digs? Let’s just move on,” she vented to husband Chris.

“I’m 35 years old, I have 2 kids, an amazing husband, my life is f—ing amazing. I don’t have to deal with that s–t,” Deena continued.

“Yesterday was too much, we’re too old for this s–t. I don’t have it in me.”

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Deena sometimes morphs into “Meana.” (Photo via MTV)

The episode ended with a distraught Deena explaining that she was at the end of her wits.

“I can’t do it again. Dealing with that yesterday was a lot and it takes it out of me. I don’t have it in me to fight with people. I wish I never told Jenni about the podcast,” Deena explained.

The episode left fans wondering if Cortese’s time on the show had really come to an end.

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Deena and Snooki on Jersey Shore. (Photo via MTV)

She wouldn’t be the first Meatball to leave the show over drama — Snooki quit back in 2019, only to return after a short hiatus.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Deena so upset.

And unless Mike takes steps to make things right, we might not be seeing much more of her.