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Will Angelina Pivarnick ever be fully accepted by the rest of the Jersey Shore cast?

Sure, they say she’s part of the family, but the fact is, she wasn’t there for most of the show’s original run, which is when the rest of the guidos formed their ultra-close bonds.

Making matters worse is the fact that, Angelina just can’t stop acting shady and getting caught.

And the current season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation finds Angeliners at her lowest point, getting called out for some new act of shadiness every week.

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On Thursday’s episode, we saw Pivarnick ranting and raving over Chris Larangeira’s allegations that she was the one who leaked her castmates’ controversial bridesmaids toast at her wedding.

Angelina insisted she wasn’t the leaker, but no one believes her, for obvious reasons.

Instead of admitting her role in the scandal that caused Snooki to briefly quit Jersey Shore, Pivarnick pretended to be outraged that her co-stars believe her ex-husband’s version of events.

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“I had nothing to do with it. Shame on Mike. Mike pried in my business, letting my husband call him, letting other people call him,” she ranted.

“They’re believing my husband over me? Why would you f—ing people believe my husband over me? He’s trying to ruin my whole life.”

While Angelina initially felt that a group trip to El Paso would be a good opportunity to “talk some things through” with the rest of the cast, she later she would be walking into the lions’ den and declared that she didn’t “want to be around them.”

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And indeed, Angliners didn’t interact with the rest of the cast for the entire episode, which was a shame, as a scene where she gets torn limb-from-limb by her female co-stars would have been great for ratings.

“The bitch ain’t showing up,” said Nicole during a group dinner in Texas.

At that point, Mike Sorrentino felt the need to speak out in defense of his decision to share Chris’ allegations with the group.

“We are all best friends and we all know everything about each other. Hence why, when the information came to me, it was too much for me, so I gave it to you and now we all have it because we’re all best friends,” said Mike.

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“I’m hands off right now. We’ve been lied to for years.”

“Just don’t lie to me,” Jenni “JWoww” Farley chimed in, adding:

“I just care about the speech. Unfortunately, she decided to pre-ejaculate and sell the speech. We were at our lowest, and Nicole quit while she was f—ing somebody else.”

JWoww and Deena Roast Angelina

Deena, meanwhile, complained that she can’t be friends with someone she “can’t trust,” adding, “I am hurt by this girl.”

“But also as friends, she should know that we’re here and she should be comfortable with telling us the truth,” Snooki remarked.

“And she lies constantly with everything and now I think she knows that we know everything. Just say, ‘Listen, I lied, this is what happened.’ We’ll be like, ‘Alright girl, own up to your stuff and I’ll respect you with that.”

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“I feel like there’s always the victim card with Angelina and she doesn’t need to do that anymore with us,” Snooks added in a confessional.

“It’s hard to have that trust with her.”

A preview for next week’s episode shows Angelina talking to the group via FaceTime.

So while there’s sure to be lots of tension, it seems that Angeliners’ limbs will once again remain intact.