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The Family Chantel has barely scratched the surface on Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s bitter divorce.

The two separated this spring. Pedro filed for divorce, then Chantel filed her response.

Now, reports say that famous Canadian rapper Drake has been sliding into Chantel’s DMs since she and Pedro split.

Is that really happening? A lot of people feel surprised, especially since Chantel would be so age-appropriate.

Chantel Everett Has Concerns
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Chantel Everett has some very real concerns about her marriage.

Media Take Out reports that Drake has been in Chantel’s DMs since this spring.

An inside source, allegedly an associate of Drake, shared: “Drake reached out.”

Apparently this was “to see how she was doing and where her head was at.”

Drake in 2016
Drake looks to be all business in this photo of the beloved artist. It was snapped of him back in 2016.

“And,” the insider continued, “she responded.”

“They’ve been DMing each other back and forth,” the insider detailed.

“And,” the source teased, Chantel and Drake “are planning to meet up soon.”

Chantel Everett Has Her Suspicions
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Chantel Everett accuses her husband of traveling to the Dominican Republic in order to find another woman.

The report says that Chantel was not eager for a rebound after the end of her marriage, which spanned half a decade.

However, that attitude may soon change.

Or, rather, Drake may end up changing it, the report explains.

The Hollywood Gossip Logo
Drake smiling with his Grammy for Best Rap Song on Sunday night in LA!

“Drake has a way of wearing women down,” the insider described.

“They might not at first expect any romance with Champagne Papi,” the source explained.

“But before long,” the insider insisted, “it always ends up that way.”

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We imagine that, even before the separation, Chantel could have used a “friend” as a welcome distraction.

The final months of their dying marriage were palpably miserable, full of fights, emotional isolation, and sadness.

It is easy to imagine Chantel responding favorably to some DMs from a celebrity, even a notorious one, as her life fell apart.

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When it comes to timing, we should also consider where Drake’s head was early this year.

Rihanna announced her pregnancy to the world. As we all know, Drake has felt weirdly fixated on her, in ways that make her fans uncomfortable or even angry.

He unfollowed her on social media. Childish, we know, but it might make him more inclined to slide into someone’s DMs, you know?

Drake in a Vest
Drake is pictured here in concert and in a yellow vest. Are you a fan of the artist?

Also, we know that Drake is a 90 Day Fiance fan.

If this story is legit, Chantel is not the first member of this franchise to be on the receiving end of a Drake DM or two.

But … is this true?

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We could not help but notice that Media Take Out, the origin of the report, did not actually spell Chantel’s name correctly. Not even once.

Obviously, people make typos every day. And it’s very possible to be 100% right about someone without spelling their name correctly.

But … it’s fair to consider that a report may be off when the subject’s name has the wrong second vowel.

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This was filmed last year, so an American woman spending time at a hotel at the DR doesn’t make us fear for her life like it might right now. Also, did you notice that she still has the “te quiero” balloon in her room that Pedro gave her at the airport? Awkward.

Our official theory is that we’ll give this report more weight if and when Chantel confirms it.

We’re not ruling it out. But we just don’t see any real evidence to substantiate the rumor. Not yet.

For now, we’re just watching this ugly divorce unfold.