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90 Day Fiance UK has earned some mixed reviews since the series premiered.

Some feel that the spinoff is less exciting than viewers are accustomed to seeing. Others find it refreshing.

Bridie is one of the Brits looking for love oversees, and believes that she has found it with Host.

But she admitted that she plans to sell her house to pay for Host’s expensive visa process. Fans are concerned.

On this debut season, Bridie spent time looking into visa options for Host.

Visas are always a complicated matter. In the harsh world of the post-Brexit United Kingdom, things are even harder.

Bridie has to get this right. If something is off with this visa application, it could make things challenging for years to come.

Host has not been able to put away money into savings, and not just due to the “normal” economic realities of our time.

Simply put, he cannot rely upon banks in Lebanon, given the nation’s current state of affairs.

This means that all of the financial burden falls upon Bridie.

During a recent episode, Bridie spoke with Host on the phone about some financial realities.

“There’s equity in the house,” she noted.

“So,” Bridie explained, “I have to sell the house first, so that I can put money in my bank.”

Host naturally asked if Bridie is serious about her intentions. She responded in the affirmative.

Bridie confided to the camera that, without selling the house, her savings would fall below the requirements for the visa.

“I never thought that I’d do something this crazy, like selling my house and uprooting my life,” Bridie admitted.

She then added: “For Host I’d honestly do anything.”

All of this for a man who hasn’t even given her a proposal.

Bridie, are you thinking clearly?

Fans obviously had a lot of concerns. Owning a home is often a key to stability and building generational wealth.

The idea of someone selling their home to help a man with his visa is worrisome.

So Bridie has now taken to Instagram to address worried fans and followers.

The main point that Bridie wished to convey was simply that she is not selling her house for Host.

According to her post, she had already planned to sell the residence before meeting Host.

So she knew that she was selling the house. She was simply acknowledging that the money from the sale will help with the visa.

That is certainly a relief to hear. For fans who believe what Bridie is telling them, anyway.

A home sale is no small matter. The finances and stress involved are too much for anyone to go through all of that without an extremely good reason.

Love can be a good reason. But as Bridie has acknowledged on screen, there are real uncertainties about her future with Host.

90 Day Fiance viewers have watched a lot of people make massive financial sacrifices for love.

Sometimes, it’s totally worth it. Other times, it is clearly not.

No one wants to see a massive financial setback compound the emotional pain of heartbreak.