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They say the best way to get over an old love is with a new one.

And Kim Kardashian clearly believes those are words to live by.

When Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West in February of 2021, and before the year was out she was in a serious relationship with Pete Davidson.

Earlier this month, Kim broke up with Pete — and now, it seems she’s ready to hit the dating scene again.

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Kim Kardashian is ready to re-enter the dating pool. And she’s going blonde for the occasion! (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, according to a new report from E! News, Kim has been asking her friends to hook her up with some eligible bachelors.

One insider says Kim has been “asking who she should date next.”

The mother of four is apparently aware that she “has plenty of options,” adding that “all of her friends are constantly trying to set her up.”

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Kim has been posting heat on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

So what exactly is Kim looking for in her next partner?

Well, it seems she’s not very specific in her requirements — but it also sounds like she’s not looking to go down the younger man road a second time.

“Kim’s expressed she’s ready to date someone older but it has to be the right person who understands her life,” the source says.

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Kim Kardashian posted some racy pics on Instagram recently. (Photo via Instagram)

So Kim is ready to get back on the horse — but according to the insider, she’s not looking to rush right into something serious.

“She isn’t compromising her freedom right now,” says the source.

“She enjoys dating and is definitely open to putting herself out there again.”

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Kim is single and ready to mingle. (Photo via Hulu)

We’re sure Kim is still hurting from the breakup with Pete, but by all accounts, the exes parted ways on good terms.

Kim and Pete held “a lot of love and respect for each other,” says the source, adding that the former partners have communicated several times since ending their relationship.

We might never know exactly how serious that relationship got, or why exactly Kim and Pete parted ways (although the second season of Hulu’s The Kardashians is likely to contain some clues).

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Pete Davidson appears to be taking a bite out of Kim Kardashian in this photo of the couple. (Photo via Instagram)

But it seems that the romance got serious more quickly than Kim expected.

In all likelihood, Kim still is still processing and healing from her divorce.

And she may have felt that it wasn’t fair to Pete if they continued dating while they still had so much to sort through.

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Pete and Kim’s relationship was short, but intense. (Getty)

So we believe Kim when she says she’s not looking to get back into a serious relationship.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t have some fun on the dating scene while she works on herself!

Hey, we’re all works in progress — why not be works in progress who also work on each other? Or something.

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated as Kim wades back into the dating pool!