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Audrey Roloff may have been down for a little while this summer.

But she’s not even close to being out, folks.

Several weeks ago, the mother of three reacted in a lengthy, bitter post on Instagram after father-in-law Matt Roloff announced he was selling a portion of his farm.

Simply put, Audrey said she and her husband Jeremy were screwed out of the property.

Welp, this is downright adorable. We love this snapshot of Audrey Roloff and her baby in a tulip field.

“When we were finally at a point where it was practically possible [to purchase the farm], we made an offer, but realized maybe it wasn’t meant to be,” Audrey wrote in early June, clearly upset over how Matt arrived at his decision to sell the property.

After noting she and Jeremy had the intention of “saving” the farm, Audrey added:

“We realized that Jer’s family was not actually as aligned in the progression towards us acquiring it as we thought they were.”

Fast forward just a short time after Audrey expressed this sentiment… and Roloff announced her immediately family had bought its own farm!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Date Night
It’s date night for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff. They try to go out together 52 times per year, every year.

With their moving date coming up quickly, Audrey provided an update over the weekend.

“Cheers to the long road ahead,” the 31-year old wrote alongside an Instagram video of herself and Jeremy enjoying a glass of champagne on Friday, August 12.

“Took this video of us doing our ‘lock it in’ cheers the day we closed on our farm …

“But every day since then we’ve discovered more problems and things that need fixing.”

Jeremy Roloff and His Wife, Audrey
Notice something different here about Jeremy Roloff? Yup. His hair is all gone.

Followers were quick to flood Audrey’s comments section of this post with well wishes and congratulations to the happy couple.

However, it was clear that one social media follower’s words especially caught the former reality star’s attention.

“Congratulations you guys! Creating your own path is the best way to go,” the person wrote, adding:

“Looking forward to being a part of it here on [Instagram].”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Hawaii
Not a shabby spot for a photo, huh? Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are in Hawaii here.

The mother of three went ahead and Liked the fan’s remark, also responding with two red heart emojis.

Many observers took this reply as a subtle jab at her in-laws, to whom Audrey isn’t exactly close.

She and Jeremy – who got married in September 2014 and left Little People, Big World four years later — sold their Portland home and purchased a family farm near her parents’ house after their dream of owning his family land, Roloff Farm, were crushed.

“Jer and I hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child. It was something he was led to believe was possible,” Audrey added in June.

“He made it very known to his family and publicly on TV. It became a mutual dream when we got married, and we started working towards it.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic
Photo via Instagram

Now, just days ahead of their big move, the author says that they have “got [their] work cut out for [them]” as they “discover a new problem [with the new house] every day.”

“We’ve always been the ‘I have no idea what I’m gonna do tomorrow’ type people,” Audrey’s Instagram post continued.

“Vision casting and dreaming for the future? We got that dialed. But tomorrow? It’s always a mystery.

“When we were dating my dad used to call [Jeremy Roloff] ‘Mr. Adventure.’

“Everything we did together seemed to be or turn into an adventure … here we are 11 years later still embracing all the challenges that come with choosing the unpredictable, uncomfortable, unknown, and inconvenient way …

“But the stories are always worth it.