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Yes, folks.

They really did it.

Just a few weeks after Matt Roloff announced that he was selling a portion of his family’s famous farm, and just a few days after his daughter-in-law detailed the bitterness she felt as a result, Audrey Roloff has now confirmed the news:

She and husband Jeremy are new homeowners!

Audrey and Jeremy have gone ahead and done it! They are looking out here over their new land.

They didn’t just purchase their own home, either.

They purchased FARM land!

“After a two-year search spanning all over the state of Oregon…” wrote Audrey as a caption to the above photo on Instagram this weekend.

“IT. IS. TIME. We bought a farm! And look what’s in our backyard. Yup, that’s our trestle.”

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Date Night
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That last line likely need an explanation, doesn’t it?

“If you read our book (or even just looked at the cover lol) you know the significance that this train trestle has played in our love story and lives,” the mother of three explained.

“It’s where Jer asked me to be his girlfriend, it’s where he asked me to marry him.

“It’s where we took the photo for the cover of our New York Times best-selling book.

“And it’s within walking distance of my parent’s property.”

Jeremy Roloff and His Wife, Audrey
Photo via Instagram

As we previously reported, Matt Roloff put 16 acres of his farm up for sale last month, announcing this decision on Instagam and writing toward the end of his statement at the time:

“It’s time to move toward the next season of life.”

Except… many members of his family have been unable to move on.

The father of four later tried to defend his decision social media, alleging his twin sons had thought about taking over the property… but then had “moved on to other interests and investments” and turned down a “substantial family discount” to purchase the farm.

In response?

Matt R And Zach R

Zach Roloff blasted his own dad.

“Once again like he has for most of his life not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others,” Zach wrote, shocking fans and adding late last month:

“Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fan base to make himself come out okay.

“This post his a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain.”

Matt Roloff on His Farm
Photo via Facebook

Wow, huh?

Audrey later chimed on this same topic, saying that it was the death of a dream when she and Jeremy couldn’t agree with Matt on a deal for the property.

“Jer and I hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child. It was something he was led to believe was possible,” she wrote to Instagram followers.

“He made it very known to his family and publicly on TV.

“It became a mutual dream when we got married, and we started working towards it.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on Anniversary

Audrey went on to say she and her spouse made an offer, but it was rejected.

“We realized that Jer’s family was not actually as aligned in the progression towards us acquiring it as we thought they were,” she continued in cryptic fashion.

Audrey has never seemed especially close to her in-laws, rarely posting any pictures with them on Instagram.

Maybe now we know why.

“As you have maybe noticed with Jer’s family, things can be a little complicated,” Audrey wrote just over a week ago.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Baby Photo
It’s a boy for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff! What a perfect and amazing photo, right?!?

Audrey went on to say it was “incredibly hard” for them to let go of the farm, explaining that they “fell in love there, got married there, helped run the businesses there,” writing:

“We really did think we’d raise our kids there. Like I said, it was the death of a dream.”

Now, perhaps, though, a new dream has been established.

Audrey Roloff Holds Bode
Audrey Roloff is holding her son Bode in her arms in this photo. He’a a cutie patootie, isn’t he?

Concluded the former reality star in her announcement post:

We’ve got a lot of work to do to bring our vision to life, but Jer and I are excited to finally have some space to get our feet dirty (literally) and bring our dreams of using land into reality.

I’ll share more of the story behind how this came to be soon.

But for now, I just want to say thank you for being someone who has been following us on this journey for the last two years and offered encouragement and prayers as we have patiently pursued some land for our family.