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Thais Ramone packed up her life and moved to Texas to be with Patrick Mendes.

As we saw on this season of 90 Day Fiance, she met his family as the two worked out their issues.

His mother and sister and brothers are particularly concerned that this marriage will end in heartbreak, like his last one did.

Patrick spoke a little about his ex on the show. But what’s the whole story?

He met his first girlfriend at the gym
She was also devoted to working out, and his first girlfriend ended up becoming his wife … who is now his ex-wife.

During Patrick Mendes’ debut episode of 90 Day Fiance Season 9, we heard his backstory.

He spoke at length about his weightlifting career.

After the chaos and trauma of his childhood, building his strength likely gave him a sense of control. And he was great at it.

It's not just a hobby for him
Patrick was on track to the Olympics. He’s not a bodybuilder, he’s a lifter, meaning that he places strength over muscle shape.

Patrick was living in Las Vegas when he met his first girlfriend. This was likely in late 2013.

He was 22 at the time. They did not appear in photos together until 2014.

That woman, who would become his wife, was working for the FBI at the time.

He tested positive for HGH (human-growth hormone) and then for steroids. While use of these two in conjunction is extremely common for many people who work out, including actors, these are controlled substances that are banned in a lot of sports. Are they still used? Yes, but not everyone is caught like Pat was. Now he has a new job as a home security salesperson.

Interestingly, on the show, Patrick’s very brief overview of that relationship blamed their split on his suspension from weightlifting.

Seven years ago, in July of 2015, Patrick’s HGH and steroid use earned him an 8-year suspension.

Is that what caused him to get a divorce? We ask because he and his ex didn’t marry until 2017.

Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone
Patrick is a 31-year-old from Texas. As you can tell just by looking at him, he works out a lot.

Patrick may have been telling the truth, albeit in an abbreviated form.

(In fact, editors may have simply trimmed down what he said to save time and exclude extra details)

Because, as we all know from the show, Patrick found a new direction in life after his weightlifting dreams died.

Patrick Mendes: 90 Day Fiance Star Opens Up About Olympics Ban Over HGH, Steroids

90 Day Fiance viewers know that Patrick works as a sales rep for a security company.

One can easily imagine that Patrick’s demeanor, handsomeness, and obvious musculature inspire confidence in potential customers.

Perhaps that is why Patrick is now a regional manager, pulling in serious money.

In most marriages, one partner making more money is not a problem — even if it can lead to potential problems.

But Patrick and his ex met in the gym. Their shared lifestyle was a core component of their relationship.

It seems likely — albeit unconfirmed — that Patrick’s new job and his obvious commitment to it put a strain on the marriage.

Perhaps there were other factors, perhaps not. Either way, they divorced in early 2020 (months before the pandemic hit).

However, we cannot help but notice that Starcasm reports that Patrick’s ex-wife remarried.

Her new husband is a bodybuilder, and she herself has continued with weightlifting. Clearly, it’s a passion.