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Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone are one of 90 Day Fiance Season 9’s most genuine, least troubled couples.

That doesn’t mean that things are perfect.

The chip on Patrick’s swole shoulders and Thais’ father’s disapproval could tear them apart.

After Thais admitted that she’s unsure about marrying Patrick, it sounds like his mother and sister agree.

Thais has been hearing “opinions” from Patrick’s family since she first arrived.

Love him or loathe him, Patrick’s brother John has an over-the-top character to go with that accent.

Patrick’s mother and sister may lack his general vibe, but they clearly share some concerns about the relationship.

Thais opened up — within certain sensible limits — to Tiffany, Patrick’s sister.

So, as this sneak peek ahead of Sunday’s episode shows, Tiffany and her mother have a good grasp of the situation.

“You don’t want to be here,” Patrick’s mother says bluntly. “You’re only here because of him.”

Patrick’s father is Brazilian, so he traveled there a few years ago to try to get back in contact with him. While there, he was on dating apps, which is how he met Thais, who is outrageously gorgeous. The two spent a lot of time in Brazil (not to be conspiracy theorists but it looks like 90 Day Fiance cameras may have followed them earlier, because some of the flashback footage looks super good — maybe they filmed for another season that ended up getting scrapped), and Patrick has been back more than a dozen times. 11 months after meeting her, he proposed.

“You seem like you’d rather be in Brazil, is how I’m taking it,” Patrick’s mom points out.

It does not look like Thais disagrees. She has admitted to being homesick, but she loves Patrick.

Tiffany then asks: “You sure you want to live here?”

The two are too giddy and blushing too much to give a clear answer when the producers ask how their first boning in America went.

Very honestly, Thais replies: “No, I’m not sure.”

Meanwhile, Patrick is looking like he’d rather be anywhere else right now.

“Patrick’s not gonna move to Brazil permanently,” his mother warns. “So, you have a hard decision to make.”

Patrick and Thais tour the new house, but Thais is initially uncertain. Mostly, some of the furniture (especially things belonging to John) is not making her happy, and she hopes that it can change. Realistically, she has mixed feelings about the move, this is the second time that she’s moved in a short span of time, and she’s cranky.

That said, as this clip (below) makes clear, Patrick’s mom isn’t trying to push away Thais.

She counsels her that Thais’ relationship with her father is not going to be her primary bond — not forever.

If Thais marries Patrick, they will be each other’s primary people. That will be her “main relationship.”

In other words, Thais’ father’s opinion is his to have, but it should only have a limited impact on Thais’ choices.

(That is common sense, but we do like how Patrick’s mom explained it)

Thais will still have to weigh what she really wants. Ultimately, whether Patrick can change some bad habits may decide things for them.