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Back in May, we reported that Mama June Shannon married Justin Stroud after only dating for a matter of months.

It was not her best decision. But hey, at least it wasn’t her worst.

While fans were shocked at the surprise wedding, they were hardly alone.

In a new interview, June’s daughters Alana and Lauryn are admitting that they had no clue and no warning.

Surprise weddings are sometimes necessary. Hey, they can even be a good idea.

And then there was June Shannon’s secret wedding to Justin Stroud.

There was no grand ceremony — just a courthouse wedding in Georgia back in March.

Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud

It was more than a month before the public got wind of their wedding.

June and Justin were spotted ring-shopping during that time, sparking engagement rumors.

That speculation came too little, too late.

June Shannon, Husband

As we noted, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson were surprised at the news, too.

The sisters spoke to E! News, fully admitting that their mother kept them in the dark.

“We didn’t know about it,” Lauryn shared bluntly.

Lauryn Shannon: Mama June is a Crackhead and I Will F--k Her Up!

In fact, Lauryn found out pretty indirectly.

“I actually got a receipt in my PO Box that said she had applied for a marriage certificate,” she revealed.

“Then I asked her about it just recently,” she said. “She denied it.”

June Shannon Flaunts Fresh Makeover: I'm One Hot Cougar!

Lauryn recalled: “And then eventually she was like, ‘Oh, I got married.'”

“And,” she admitted, “we were very, very shocked.”

One can only imagine.

Lauryn Shannon Recoils in Horror
Mama June: Road for Redemption star Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon recoils in revulsion at her partner’s suggestion.

16-year-old Alana was no less surprised.

In fact, she had not really expected for her mother to remarry — not after toxicity, abuse, and heartbreak with Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson.

“It definitely did catch me by surprise,” Alana admitted.

Alana Thompson Begs June Shannon to Come Home
Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson appears in a From Not To Hot: Family Crisis trailer, imploring her troubled mother to return home.

She was taken aback “because Mama was always one to say she would never get married.”

However, upon reflection, she could see how June has evolved over time.

“But I mean,” Alana then reasoned, “my mom now, she’s definitely different.”

June Shannon and Alana Thompson on The Masked Singer

The sisters also shared further details.

For example, they both have met Justin.

Neither of them chose to volunteer whether or not they actually like the guy.

Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon Await Their Surprise
Mama June: Family Crisis stars Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon wait to find out what their aunt has to show them.

Not everyone would play it cool after missing their mom’s wedding.

Lauryn and Alana held a different perspective.

“If she feels like we don’t need to be a part of that,” Lauryn began, “then it is what it is.”

Mama June: Road to Redemption Picture
June Shannon speaks to producers here during a scene from Mama June: Road to Redemption.

Honestly, we can probably read between the lines here. At least, when it comes to how the sisters feel.

Alana did not tell them that she was marrying. They were not at the wedding. They don’t mind.

It’s easy to shrug off missing a wedding if you don’t endorse it.