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Back in 2019, Kylie Jenner was declared the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

The title was bestowed upon her by Forbes magazine, but the outlet later rescinded it, alleging that they had been misled about Kylie’s financial situation.

But regardless of whether not she ever was or ever will be a member of the 10-figure club, Kylie is very, very well-off.

And she likes to flaunt her wealth in ways that some people find distasteful.

For example, Kylie was branded a “climate criminal” this week thanks to her cavalier use of her family’s private jets.

Yes, that’s jets, plural.

According to Kylie’s latest Instagram post, she and baby daddy Travis Scott each have their own private jet.

She posted the photo above this week, along with a caption reading, “you wanna take mine or yours?”

This ostentatious display of wealth (and disregard for the environment) prompted Twitter users to look into Kylie’s use of her jet (all air travel is a matter of public record) and they were shocked to learn that she frequently makes a three-minute flight from one end of LA to the other.

The trip would be about forty minutes by car, and Kylie’s jet burns more than 100 gallons of fuel at takeoff alone.

Kylie Jenner at the Reunion

It seems that Kris Jenner is among those who are concerned about Kylie’s private jet use, but the momager’s complaints have nothing to do with her youngest daughter’s carbon footprint.

Instead, Kris is concerned about Kylie’s cashflow.

Yes, as we said earlier, Kylie is fabulously wealthy, but many a rich celeb has spent themself into bankruptcy in the past.

Kylie Jenner In a Very Tight Dress
Photo via Instagram

And according to a new report from Page Six, Kris is concerned that Kylie is on a path toward financial destruction.

“Kylie has been spending so much that, after she bought the jet, her mom had to step in and tell her to slow down,” an insider tells the outlet.

“Kris is urging her to be more responsible with her money, make wise investments. But Kylie is 24, she has her own brand, and she does what she wants.”

A separate source contradicts the first and claims that Kylie is quite skilled at money management.

Kylie Jenner In a See-Through Dress
Photo via Instagram

“Kylie has actually always been very good [with her money] — young but adult at heart,” says the insider.

Whatever the case, it seems that first-class travel isn’t Kylie’s only major expenditure.

According to Page Six the 24-year-old mogul owns five homes in California, each of which cost several million dollars.

Kylie’s primary residence was constructed on a vacant lot in Hidden Hills, CA for a cool $15 million.

Kylie Wrap
Kylie Jenner looks wrapped up in all the right places here. We’re not even sure what that means but whatever, she’s gorgeous and here’s a photo of her.

Sparing no expense, Kylie hired Richard Landry for the project.

The famed architect has built homes for a number of A-listers, including Tom Brady — and he doesn’t come cheap.

Along with Scott, Kylie also purchased a $13.45 million home in Beverly Hills.

Page Six estimates Kylie’s total real estate holdings at $80 million and growing.

Now, Kylie can certainly afford such a massive property portfolio.

But it’s not hard to see why Kris might be concerned with the mother of two’s future financial health.