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We are all well aware that Kylie Jenner is a hot billionaire babe.

She was born rich to two rich parents, and has only become richer as a teen, as an adult, and as a MILF. Um, mom.

Sometimes, it’s not entirely clear if Kylie is fully aware of how different normal people’s lives are.

It’s not really cute anymore — especially when her obscene lifestyle is getting her branded a full-on “climate criminal.”

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Kylie Jenner is an entrepreneur who knows how to move products. Just check out her method for marketing her new cleanser!

Kylie Jenner recently flaunted her wealth while pretending to muse over which private jet to take with Travis Scott.

It is important to remember that many wealthy celebrities do not even own private jets.

In fact, some don’t even charter them. Even without environmental concerns, they are extremely expensive.

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Kylie Jenner has been posting some of the thirstiest bikini pics of her career in recent weeks. And it turns out, she has a very specific reason for doing so.

Here’s a tip: calling public attention to your ostentatious wealth will invite scrutiny.

On social media, as large swathes of Europe burn in unprecedented heat, scrutiny does not pull any punches.

After “bragging” about her total “disregard for the planet,” Kylie found a new label: “a full time climate criminal.”

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Kylie Jenner flaunted her glorious post-baby body in a bikini just over three months after welcoming Baby #2.

You might be surprised to learn how much flight information is a matter of public record.

(Not all public records are easily accessible … but some are)

Alarmed social media users quickly discovered records of Kylie’s jet taking three-minute flights.

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How far is a three-minute private jet flight?

One flight log showed Kylie’s jet traveling from Camarillo, California to Van Nuys, California.

The equivalent drive would be about 40 minutes by car.

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Fans believe Kylie Jenner is secretly pregnant with her second child. And they think she’s been posting old pics in order to throw the public off her trail.

Oh, and that’s not some sort of “gotcha” number pulled by scouring through her history.

That flight is from earlier this month.

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We don’t know if Kylie was on the plane.

And hey, maybe there was some sort of very good reason.

Maybe the plane had to move locations, rather than simply ferry Kylie. It’s possible … right?

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Yes, Kylie Jenner is the proud owner of a private jet this week. Insiders say she spent nearly $73 million on the aircraft.

But even if that’s true, Kylie’s plane has a pattern of extremely short flights.

Her jet regularly takes trips that last for fifteen minutes or less, social media critics then uncovered.

In a world where countless people make small, largely meaningless gestures to reduce their environmental impact … Kylie’s doing this.

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Private jets are five to fourteen times more pollution-inducing than commercial passenger planes.

These small planes for the mega-rich emit two tons of CO2 in just one hour.

As some of her critics put it, her carbon footprint for a ten-minute flight “is more than some people make in a year.”

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Kylie Jenner has posted her first racy selfies of 2021. And fans were quick to point out that she showed off a seldom-seen part of her body.

It is curious that someone who used to mindlessly spread “chemtrails” conspiracy theories now seemingly doesn’t care about actual emissions.

We’re not saying that it’s surprising — merely curious. And it’s a problem.

That will certainly be something interesting to think about the next time that someone drinks through a paper straw or bikes to work.