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Recently, Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina ditched plans to move to Florida and moved to Virginia Beach.

This shorter move is also a smart one, as they could have better long-term prospects.

Unfortunately, where they live as a couple could no longer be up to them.

Even though she went through the K-1 visa process and remains married to Brandon, Julia is having green card issues.

Brandon and Julia headed for what they believed was going to be a family party for Brandon’s dad, Ron. He turned 70 last year.

Julia Trubkina is not the first 90 Day Fiance star to be at risk of deportation.

Some members of the cast, like Larissa Lima and Natalie Mordovtseva, have found themselves in residency limbo.

Meanwhile, Danielle Mullins once actively tried to sabotage Mohamed Jbali’s citizenship.

Natalie Mordovtseva - if he files for divorce

She failed, and the two are now friends.

Actually, fans suspect that Mohamed Abdelhamed may find himself facing deportation in the near future.

If reports about him and his leaked DMs are legit, he may have lied to Yvette Arellano and possibly to authorities.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs Could Look Happier
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 stars Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs could look more excited.

But Julia is in a different situation.

Natalie, Larissa, and Mohamed Jbali are all exes of American citizens.

Julia and Brandon remain happily married — and, to be clear, also legally married.

Julia Trubkina: I'm Not a 90 Day Fiance Villain! Probably

We should also add that it doe snot appear that Julia has committed any crimes (alleged or otherwise).

All of her initial paperwork was in order when she got her K-1 visa.

But, as she is now explaining on social media, there are some paperwork milestones that she needs to avert catastrophe.

She asks if Natalie will now take “her ass” back to Ukraine. Either Julia has been listening to and is now parroting some xenophobic weirdos, or she’s so tired of having her own intentions with Brandon questioned that she’s overcompensating by accusing others of being scammers. You hate to see it.

“Questions about my green card. Yes, it expires,” Julia shared on her Instagram Story.

“We were supposed to apply six months in advance,” she explained.

“But we didn’t apply,” Julia revealed. But there was a good reason for that.

They did not apply “since we don’t have more than one document where my name is indicated.”

Documents would have to include “(buying a house, renting a house, loans).”

Julia wrote: “This situation threatens (deportation), but we are trying to do everything.”

While Julia is thrilled to be off of the farm, Brandon acts like it’s no big deal and not a meaningful change … which is strange to hear. Even people with wonderful parents who don’t have Betty and Ron’s issues with controlling behavior know that living on your own is a huge step forward. Brandon is still choking on his umbilical cord, but Julia is happy enough for both of them.

So basically, all of that time laboring under Betty Gibbs’ watchful eye on that awful farm didn’t do them any favors.

Sure, they traded a little dignity and time for some money.

But what do those savings amount to if it also delayed their financial milestones that they need for Julia’s documentation?

Julia Trubkina Busts a Move

The good news is that Julia and Brandon have secured a home loan.

That will give her one document with her name on it — it’s a start.

If they can get an actual house (in our nightmarish real estate market), they’ll have the papers that they need.

Julia Trubkina wisely mimes selling the farm

It might sound absurd and unfair to demand that immigrants provide these expensive documents.

After all, applying for the K-1 visa is already an expensive process.

Moving and uprooting their entire lives adds considerable expense.

She has acknowledged, on social media and now on the show, that she recognizes that this is a genuine problem. Fans hope that she will receive therapy that she clearly needs to overcome this because it is negatively impacting her life and those of the people she cares about.

And, well, it is unfair — and not unintentionally.

These paperwork hurdles are enough of a challenge, but the financial barriers exist to limit legal immigration.

Not everyone is willing to endure these paperwork headaches. Not everyone can afford to be with the person whom they love.

Watching Julia survive her 90 Day Farmhand nightmare, Brandon’s toxic narcissist of a mother, and seeing Brandon slowly realize that he needs to make changes to his life or his mother will control him forever … that was worth watching.

Julia and Brandon are a fan-favorite couple, despite some ups and downs.

Many fans still gleefully quote Julia’s “I go Russia!” line.

Let’s hope that her funny catchphrase does not also become her reality.