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Whether you believe she’s a victim or an accomplice of her disgraced husband, there’s no denying that Anna Duggar has been through a lot in recent years.

The mother of seven was present in the courtroom every day as her husband fought a losing legal battle, and she was there to support Josh as he was sentenced to 151 months in prison.

Now, Anna is raising her massive brood with no help from Josh.

And while there’s certainly an argument to be made that she did much to put herself in this situation, we don’t think anyone would be surprised to learn that she’s suffering from depression.

Anna at court

Of course, members of the Duggar family are nor permitted to seek therapy or take anti-depressants.

Instead, they’re taught from a young age that God can solve all of their problems, and if he’s not doing so, then their faith simply isn’t strong enough.

So if Anna is feeling depressed she likely has very few options and very limited support.

Which might be why she recently “liked” a tweet in which Fox News firebrand Tucker Carlson ranted against anti-depressants.

“Drugs aren’t the answer to every human problem. People are more than just a collection of chemicals,” Carlson tweeted.

“They’re human beings. They have souls. If they’re sad or sick, Pfizer may not be the solution.”

On the r/DuggarsSnark subreddit, fans dissected the “like” for clues as to Anna’s mental state.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar
Photo via Instagram

“I’m reading this as a projection really. She’s depressed and was thinking of the options,” one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“But come hell or high water, she’s not taking pills. So rail against the one thing that could be offered, aside from, you know, leaving her pervert husband.”

One user noted how absurd it is that Anna describes herself as “happily married” in her bio.

Anna Keller Duggar Photo
Seen here on TLC, Anna Duggar is Josh’s maligned, long-suffering wife and the mother of his seven children.

“At this point, she’s not happily anything. Certainly not happily raising 7 children alone,” this person commented.

“Oh, well maybe happily not being joyfully available for Pest.”

It’s difficult to imagine that Anna is not at least a little bit depressed these days.

Josh and Anna Duggar and Fam
Josh and Anna Duggar stand here and pose for a professional family photo. What an effed up couple.

If nothing else, she must be experiencing a great deal of anxiety with regard to her finances.

In addition to raising seven kids with no visible means of support, Anna is on the hook for Josh’s restitution payments.

In May, Josh was ordered to pay a lump sum of $50,100 due “immediately” or face further penalties.

“Any unpaid financial penalty shall be paid by the defendant during his term of imprisonment at a rate of up to 50% of the defendant’s available funds, in accordance with the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program,” reads a court document obtained by The Sun.

Anna and Josh Duggar And Baby
Anna and Josh Duggar pose here with a baby back in the day, before things really fell apart for the couple.

That means up to half of the few funds that are available to Anna can be seized by the government each month.

We’re sure there are financial hardship options available to people in her position, but if Anna lives with, or is otherwise being supported by, Josh’s parents, she might not qualify.

So yeah, we’d be very surprised if Anna were not suffering from depression these days.