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Jenelle Evans is one of the most notorious stars in the history of reality television.

The laundry list of absurd, abusive, bigoted behavior that Jenelle has engaged in over the years is almost impossible to believe.

But it all really happened, and MTV camera crews were on hand to capture much of it.

These days, of course, Evans is a walking cautionary tale.

Jenelle Evans in a Video
Jenelle Evans looks down and out of it in this still image from a TikTok video she uploaded to the Internet.

Jenelle was finally fired by MTV in 2019 amid shocking allegations of child and animal abuse.

Having squandered the fortune that she earned during her Teen Mom years, Evans now supports herself by producing adult content for OnlyFans.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with sex work, of course, but this probably isn’t what Jenelle imagined for herself at this stage in her life and career.

Jenelle Evans For OnlyFans
Photo via Instagram

These days, there are major changes afoot in the franchise, with Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 being combined into one show amid declining ratings.

But a lot of people are still getting very rich from their involvement with the Teen Mom franchise, including the stars of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, the Young and Pregnant gals were in Los Angeles last weekend at the same time as Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

Barbara and Jenelle Evans
Barbara and Jenelle Evans used to be close. They are not close any longer, far from it..

The Y&P cast was there to film their reunion episode, while Babs was there with Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, to film a separate and as-yet undisclosed project.

And it seems that Barbara seized the opportunity to offer some sage advice to the young ladies of Young and Pregnant:

Whatever you do, do not end up like Jenelle!

“Make sure — listen to me, I’m gonna give you advice — do not get sucked into this fame and do not, no seriously, do not blow your money,” Barbara was reportedly overheard saying to the cast.

“Do not get sucked into fame, because it will ruin your life,” she continued.

“That’s what happened to Farrah; she’s a f–king mess,” Babs went on.

Barbara Evans recently made some shocking comments about her daughter. And we’re sure Jenelle is NOT happy!

“Even Jenelle, she spent so much money buying cars, boats, everything for her boyfriends, what are you f–king NUTS? Ya know, taking trips.”

As for what Babs did with her money, she informed the Y&P ladies that she used it wisely:

“I like, took my money and invested it,” the elder Evans explained.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son
Jenelle Evans is with her mom, Barbara and her son, Jace, in this photo. They form an unusual nuclear family.

In case you’re wondering just much the Farrahs and Jenelles and Babses can earn just by living out their lives on camera, Amber Portwood’s Teen Mom OG salary was revealed this weejk, and, folks — it’s freakin’ massive.

As you may have heard, Amber lost custody of her son in a recent court battle with Andrew Glennon, and court documents revealed that Portwood earns $600,000 a year from MTV.

Like most of her colleagues, Amber supplements that income with sponsored content deals and other revenue streams.

So yeah — in case you ever wondering why Jenelle is so desperate to get back on MTV, even though she claims she hated working for the network, that’s why.

Hopefully, the young moms of Young and Pregnant will heed Barbara’s advice.