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Last month, Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans.

It’s a common move for washed up reality stars and other Z-list celebs, but fans were still surprised, as Jenelle had previously mocked others who had joined the site.

But Evans hasn’t worked in years, and her desperation for cash eventually overwhelmed her sense of shame.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with sex work.

Jenelle Evans For OnlyFans
Photo via Instagram

But until a few weeks ago Jenelle thought there was.

So it’s interesting to see her restructure her entire life around her new career as an adult content creator.

That’s no exaggeration, folks — Jenelle is all-in with this sh-t.

Jenelle Evans in TikTok Video
Photo via TikTok

Hell, she even turned it into a family business by convincing husband David Eason to launch his own OnlyFans account!

This week, the couple doubled-down on their commitment to the OF life by taking a “work trip” to a nearby AirBnB so that they could shoot content without interruptions from their children.

“We’re staying at this Airbnb because we are doing some work but it’s a really cool coffee place, it’s local, so let’s go check it out,” Jenelle said in a video posted to her TikTok page.

After modeling her “beach hoodie and gym shorts” Jenelle took fans on a tour of her temporary home.

“You like my new beach house?” she asked the audience, before adding:

“Just kidding it’s not mine.”

“We are being tourists in our own town,” Jenelle captioned a shot of David.

“We’re walking because the coffee shop is right down here and the beach is right there too!” she later enthused.

Seems like a pretty fun trip — and many commenters pointed out that it would be nice if Jenelle and David would occasionally take their kids (or at least the ones they still have custody of) on one of these vacations.

Jenelle Evans Complains

Last week, Jenelle and David jetted off to St. Thomas, and to the surprise of no one, they were not accompanied by their children.

“I take my dog more places than she takes her kids,” one commenter observed, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Why aren’t they taking their kids to create some memories with them and have fun experiences away from the swamp? Oh yeah, they’re sh-t parents and don’t give a f–k about those kids having fun,” another added.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead
Photo via Instagram

“Tbh the kids are better off without them. Remember that disastrous ‘cabin trip’ where they screamed at the kids the whole time?” a third chimed in.

Others pointed out that this recent behavior from Jenelle and David is part of a disturbing larger trend.

“Their kids are inconveniences to them and I’m sure they would be kid-free every day if they could,” one wrote.

Jenelle Is Drinking

“I wonder who’s watching the kids,” another noted.

“Classic JanL ‘kids are too hard- leave me alone’ Evans, who believes she deserves her kids as if they are a prize,” yet another person opined.

Yes, it does seem that Jenelle and David are having a hard time balancing their new careers with their parenting duties.

Imagine how much trouble they’d be having if either of them actually had to go off to work every day!