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90 Day Fiance viewers are all too aware that Yvette Arellano married Mohamed Abdelhamed months ago.

After all of his controlling demands, his dishonesty, and his green card outburst, many wish that she had not.

Yve may wish that she had not, also.

Alleged text messages between Mohamed and an unidentified woman have leaked. This looks like a massive betrayal.

First and foremost, we need to emphasize that we have not been able to verify these texts.

No one has.

While these texts seem authentic at first glance, anyone could potentially manufacture fake screenshots.

Instagram blogger Merrypants shared a collection of screenshots, allegedly from Mohamed to an unnamed woman.

He invites this woman to “visit me in Albuquerque” soon to “get to know each other.”

In other messages, he promises to keep her “in bed for days.”

The unidentified woman tells Mohamed to use caution, and to wait to get his green card first.

“I can’t live with her for long time,” he writes, presumably about Yve. “It’s impossible.”

He also invites this woman to “come for a night and drive back” after a possible hookup, during which he would pretend to go to work.

In the alleged texts, Mohamed speaks more about meeting up with this woman.

He also complains about Yve asking him to contribute financially to the household.

While speaking to this woman, he laments that he cannot save up money to leave Yvette as quickly as he’d hoped.

In other messages, Mohamed appeared to reveal that he was hiding money from Yve.

She allegedly noticed, even asking why he was “acting shady” while they discussed things like Cameo money.

That detail may be the most important of all when it comes to these revelations.


Because, like we said, anyone can fabricate text messages that say anything at all and claim that a specific person made them.

But if Yvette had this conversation with Mohamed about his evasive answers about money, she will know that it’s real.

If Yve reads this and goes “well I never talked with Mohamed about any of that,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that the texts are fake.

As we are all likely aware, cheating partners will sometimes lie while cheating or attempting to cheat.

In particular, a man claiming that his wife his extorting unfair sums of money from him might get a side piece to spend her own money.

Meanwhile, if Yvette reads these alleged texts and they describe familiar situations, that’s a smoking gun.

The only likely explanation would be that Mohamed really was saying all of this to a side piece.

That would be a heartbreaking betrayal. And likely only Yve can tell the world if it’s real.

But she can’t tell us yet.

Yve and Mohamed are both still bound by an NDA, and cannot spoil their own season or storyline.

Until the Tell All special airs in August, they both must hold back — even if they are going through a bitter divorce. Or are happily together.

The two have breakfast, but Yvette is still running over the events from last week’s episode. She feels bad that Mohamed felt uncomfortable or even judged. At the same time, she does not like how Mohamed treated her after the dinner.

And we shouldn’t expect to hear dramatic breakup news on the Tell All itself.

We won’t hear these texts discussed at all, in fact, unless TLC makes some extremely unlikely (and unprecedented) reshoots.

The Tell All filmed in mid-June. These alleged texts, real or not, leaked in late July.