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Teresa Giudice is still happily engaged, and will seemingly remain that way no matter what the world learns about Luis Ruelas.

Her wedding plans are set in stone … stone that nearly cracked thanks to a fellow Housewife.

Ramona Singer accidentally leaked the exact date and location of Teresa’s nuptials.

Teresa has a plan that she hopes will keep her wedding date undisturbed by Ramona’s blunder.

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Ramona really Ramona’d things up in her Instagram Story in late May.

Without meaning to (oh, Ramona), she leaked that Teresa and Luis plan to tie the knot on August 6 at the Park Chateau Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Multiple outlets were able to confirm that the details were accurate, even sharing that Tre’s Ultimate Girls Trip Season 1 castmates received invitations.

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Teresa Giudice spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the MTV Movie & TV Awards about what she plans to do about this leak.

“I called her and I’m like, ‘Can you please take that down off your Story right now,’” she revealed.

Tre described Ramona’s reaction: “And she’s like, ‘Oh, my God, what did I do?’"

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Teresa recalled Ramona’s explanation: "She was like, ‘It was the most beautiful invitation I’ve ever got, and I get a lot of invitations.’”

Did Tre just manage to work in a compliment about her invitations? Yes.

Teresa and Luis both acknowledged that Ramona had simply made an "honest mistake."

Ramona Singer Says to Shut It DOWN!

However, the realities of being famous and having your wedding plans leaked are not lost on them.

"Now," Teresa shared, "i’m gonna have some extra security."

Photographers, superfans, and even the occasional hater might try to slip in to see the nuptials — but we wouldn’t recommend trying.

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For the record, Ramona also issued a public apology through her rep.

"Ramona is so sorry," she conveyed to Page Six.

"She was not thinking," the rep acknowleged, "and is so excited for Teresa and loved the invitation."

Ramona Singer Season 12 Vibes
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"She has apologized to Teresa," the rep’s statement shared at the time.

Assuming that all goes well with the wedding (well, as well as they conceivably can, considering who the groom is), we’re sure that all will be forgiven.

If something does go wrong and it’s because someone snuck into the wedding venue, well, Ramona better high-tail it out of table-flipping range.

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Now, we’re not going to take the easy route and call Ramona "stupid" or something like that.

Everyone who has heard Ramona attempt to speak on serious topics can draw their own conclusions about her intelligence.

Why, even a smart person could make a mistake like she did, simply by not thinking.

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The guest list of Teresa and Luis’ wedding has been a hot topic for one reason: Melissa Gorga is not part of the wedding party.

That is already a snub, particularly given that Luis’ sisters will be part of the bridal party. Like, it’s her sister-in-law. That stings.

What stung even more, of course, was that Melissa found out from television just like everyone else did. Zoinks.