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Last month, the Kardashian family won their defamation suit against Blac Chyna.

This was a complicated case, involving multiple Kardashians and Jenners, their short-lived E! deal, and of course precious little Dream.

Rob and Chyna allegedly reached a deal with each other over their years-long revenge porn suit.

Now, Rob accuses Chyna of backing out of the deal, and Chyna’s attorney is accusing Rob of a new crime.

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Rob Kardashian is currently asking a judge to make Blac Chyna stick to a deal that the two allegedly made.

TMZ reports that Rob filed documents on Monday.

Per his attorneys, Chyna agreed to drop a lawsuit against him over that awful revenge porn incident … on one condition.

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The condition was, according to the documents, that Rob must help to get Chyna dropped from a separate lawsuit.

Remember all of that ugly business with Pilot Jones, who — among ohter things — accuses the erstwhile couple of outing him as gay?

Rob says that he had agreed to work to get Chyna dropped from the suit.

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Rob was supposed to get Chyna out of that legal quagmire without any further cost to her.

He says that she had agreed to drop the revenge porn case in return.

According to Rob’s filing, he accepted the deal, but Chyna is now threatening to move forward on the revenge porn case, taking it to trial.

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Obviously, this is precisely what Rob and his legal team were trying to avoid in the first place.

Rob wants her to formally drop the case.

He is asking the court to enforce the contract that the exes struck with one another.

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Blac Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, responded to the case and spoke to TMZ.

"Under California law, settlement discussions are confidential," Ciani asserted.

She claimed that "Rob Kardashian has violated California law by revealing alleged details of ongoing settlement discussions."

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"Chyna is permitted under California law to disclose that settlement discussions regarding her revenge porn case against her ex-fiance are ongoing," Ciani noted.

"When and if a confidential settlement is reached on this case," she noted, "Chyna will alert the court first and then the media."

Ciani continued: "Regarding the earlier trial in April 2022, a Los Angeles jury soundly rejected Rob’s testimony that Chyna had physically abused him."

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Ciani then asserted: "The jury found that Chyna, in fact, had not physically abused Rob."

That is a significant and divisive topic, but neither here nor there when it comes to the court case at hand.

It is unclear if Rob’s mentioning the deal in a court filing actually broke any state laws.

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As it stands, the revenge porn trial is scheduled to begin next week.

The court may hold an emergency hearing in order to address Rob’s request.

Perhaps Chyna’s own filing will shed light on why she is allegedly breaking a deal.

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Rob and Chyna’s relationship was full of contention and conflict, and the years since they broke up have not been any different.

This is an ugly case, and we hope that it can all be resolved soon.

However, we hope that it’s resolved justly. We all know that disagreements, both in and out of court, are sometimes settled wrongly.