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On Thursday’s Jersey Shore Season 5B premiere, we saw Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino at his best:

The ecstatic new dad donned his wedding tux to celebrate the baptism of his son Romeo.

And even though the Sitch’s blonde locks were a questionable call, and wearing your wedding tux to your kid’s christening is undeniably weird, it was clear that Mike was on top of the world.

But for as much as he likes to remind us that “the comeback is always greater than the setback,” the fact is, Mike has yet to put his past legal problems completely behind him.

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As you probably recall Sorrentino was convicted of tax fraud back in 2019

He was sentenced to eight months in prison the following year, and he was released from Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in September of 2019.

In the years since his very public fall from grace, Mike has taken massive strides toward turning his life around:

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He got sober, married his college sweetheart Lauren Pesce, and, last year, the couple welcomed their first child.

It’s the kind of turnaround that’s all too rare in the world of reality television, and Sorrentino has served as an inspiration to many fans.

But according to a new report from Page Six, Mike is still dealing with a considerable debt to the US government.

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The outlet reports that the Sitch still owes for the years of 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

And his total debt for all of those years is a whopping $2.3 million.

Mike was hit with a tax lien in April, and a clerk has confirmed that he still has debts to the state of New Jersey which are “open and outstanding.”

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A spokesman for Mike did not deny that he owes millions to the federal government, but did claim that Mike has stuck with the payment plan laid out for him by the IRS.

“Michael Sorrentino has been working diligently to comply with his current and past tax obligations, and he will continue to do so,” the rep told Page Six.

Now, Mike pulls in a considerable salary, and his wife is also compensated for her appearances on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

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But a multi-million dollar debt to the US government is nothing to sneeze at, and the couple could wind up losing their palatial Garden State home if they don’t figure out some sort of resolution.

It’s a sad coda to a story that most Shore fans thought was over and done with.

“We are elated to finally close this chapter of our life. Thank you to our family, friends and fans for the continuous love and support during this time. It brought us so much peace and comfort,” Mike and Lauren said in a statement following his release from prison.

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“We look forward to continuing our life as husband and wife and working on baby situations!” the couple continued.

“We truly believe that the comeback is ALWAYS greater than the setback, and we can’t wait to show the world ours.”

Hopefully, Mike and Lauren will be able to overcome this latest hurdle, as they have with so many others!