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Never say never, Bravo viewers.

But here’s the thing we’ve also now learned:

Don’t necessarily say always, either.

We should probably explain, huh?

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On Thursday night’s Season 8 premiere of Southern Charm, Naomie Olindo — who did not appear on Season 7 after moving to New York City to be with then-boyfriend Metul Shah — returned to Charleston, South Carolina.

She did so after Shah cheated on her.

She also crossed paths with ex Craig Conover, who she dated for three years and from whom she split in 2017.

She crossed paths with him sans clothes, we should emphasize.

The Hollywood Gossip

“Two months ago, I went to Vegas with some friends. Yeah, I mean, we met up,” Naomie told the cameras of Conover, hinting that the exes had been intimate once more.

Craig, for his part, told Kathryn Dennis on the phone that he did, indeed, sleep with his famous ex… behind his new girlfriend’s back.

“Yeah,” Conover told Dennis when asked if he and Naomie hooked up in Las Vegas.

“She was a little bummed that I was seeing someone else.”

The Hollywood Gossip

So, what does this mean for Olindo and Conover’s future?

Nothing, apparently. Because the unclothed shenanigans took place way in the past.

“Neither one of us ever thought we would get back together,” Olindo told People Magazine about X-rated events mentioned on the opener.

“This happened a year ago now and it was sort of a one or two-off situation where you just know each other and you’re comfortable around each other and you have some fun.”

The Hollywood Gossip

Added Naomie, making it clear nothing further has taken place between her and her co-star:

“It was almost like, a bit of closure at the same time, because we had been together for so long and now we finally had a friendship again now that so much time had passed.

“But really, it was nothing more than that.”

Conover is currently dating fellow Bravo star Paige DeSorbo.

The Hollywood Gossip

Olindo went on, telling People that Craig and Paige were not officially an item back when she and Conover got it on in Las Vegas.

“They’re great together,” Olindo says now.

“I’m super-supportive of him, super-supportive of her.

“They’re really happy and it’s nice to see.”

The Hollywood Gossip

In conclusion, Naomie told People that she didn’t think viewers would care about what they learned on the premiere.

“I didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal,” she tried to claim.

“I’d been gone for the show in a year and I kind of thought at first I was going to be able to come back and it would fly under the radar and nobody would know.

“But, it turns out with our group of friends, nothing really works like that. So yeah… what happens in Vegas was discussed a lot.”