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It is no secret that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff feel that Matt screwed them over.

The Little People, Big World feud seems to have always been inevitable, because there’s no way to make everyone happy with something as big as the farm.

But Audrey says that it was more than just inevitable hurt feelings.

Calling it the "death of a dream," Auj makes it clear that, for years, the couple thought that they would have at least a chance to buy the farm.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in 2020
Photo via Instagram

Matt Roloff’s version of events has not gone over well with his family.

Zach was the first to call him out in a very public way.

Audrey spoke to fans in a recent Instagram Q&A about the now-dead dream of purchasing Roloff Farms, in whole or in part, for themselves.

“We tried to back in May of 2020," she revealed to her fans and followers on Instagram.

"We shared what we felt comfortable sharing about that in a podcast episode,” Audrey added, of course plugging her and Jeremy’s project.

She continued: “Jer and I hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child."

"It was something he was led to believe was possible," Audrey wrote, taking on a decidedly accusatory tone.

"He made it very known to his family," she emphasized.

"And," Audrey continued, he made it known "publicly on TV."

Audrey Roloff Holds Radley
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“It became a mutual dream when we got married," Auj expressed.

"And," she recalled, "we started working towards it.”

Audrey very accurately shared that it was "no secret" that the controversial couple hoped to close in on the family farm one day.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Hawaii
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Audrey said that their plans were "very public," which is fair enough.

It was clear on the show, and it was also clear on social media (and in their book, lol) after they departed reality television in 2018.

The implication is that Matt had plenty of chances to let his children (and in-laws) know that this might not happen … but didn’t.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff in a Car
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“When we were finally at a point where it was practically possible, we made an offer," Audrey revealed.

"But," she continued, she and husband Jeremy "realized maybe it wasn’t meant to be."

Audrey shared that, together, she and Jer planned on "saving" the farm.

Jeremy Roloff and His Wife, Audrey
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“We realized that Jer’s family was not actually as aligned in the progression towards us acquiring it as we thought they were," Audrey wrote.

That is an extremely awkward sentence, but those sometimes happen when you are phrasing things diplomatically.

“I say ‘save it,’" Auj explained, "because every year there has been this threat of having to sell the farm if … XYZ."

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Dance
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"As you have maybe noticed with Jer’s family," Auj wrote, "things can be a little complicated."

So, too, are emotions.

She admitted that was “incredibly hard” for her and for Jeremy to let go of the farm and of their dream of buying it.

Some Roloffs in Hawaii
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After all, there was more conecting them to the land than just Jeremy’s childhood.

Audrey reminded her fans and followers that the couple “fell in love there, got married there, helped run the businesses there.”

These are not milestones that are easily forgotten.

Audrey Roloff Turns Serious
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“We really did think we’d raise our kids there," Audrey wrote.

"Like I said, it was the death of a dream,” she characterized.

Auj even went so far as to characterize the property as having been a "third parent" to Jeremy rather than "just a piece of property."