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Audrey Roloff undoubtedly loves her kids.

Let’s start with that premise and hope that every reader agrees with it.

The former Little People, Big World star, however, often takes to her popular social media pages and appears to offer up parenting advice that is ineffective at best — and disingenous because she only cares about making money off her kids at worst.

Need some examples?

Audrey Roloff and Third Child

We’ll be happy to provide them.

The mother of three recently posted a message on her Instagram Story that promoted the use of essential oil, writing at the time:

"If you are a mom currently introducing your baby to solids… you need this oil. Just a few swirls around in his belly button."

As many critics were quick to point out, Audrey is not a doctor. She’s not married to a doctor. And good luck finding any doctor who would say anything about the use of essential oils when it comes solid food and children.

"I can’t deal with these folks," wrote one Reddit user after reading the above post.

"They always say to put it around their bellybutton or bottom of their feet.. as if it’ll absorb through the skin into their body?Because why would you want that???"

A second person asked: Do people really fall for this dumb s–t?"

And a third posed a reasonable question as follows: "Or just feed your baby some prunes?"

Of course, Audrey Roloff is not getting paid to promote prunes.

She is, however, getting paid to promote these oils.

Heck, in September 2020, Audrey even exploited the tragedy of raging wild fires in Oregon to talk about the product and link to it on her Instagram page.

In the wake of this natural disaster, Audrey uploaded a photo on her Instagram Story to promote More Than Oils, writing in the process:

“6 oils to have on hand if your house smells like smoke from these wildfires.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Hawaii
Photo via Instagram

She was lambasted then, just as she’s being lambasted now.

In March, meanwhile, many folks online jumped all over Roloff for trying to profit off her third child, Radley, by dressing him up in certain clothing and wrapping him in a certain blanket — all of which came from the same brand.

Which, yes, paid Audrey in order to shill for its items on social media.

"Another top 5 item @snuggle_me_organic," wrote the mother of three as the caption to one of these photos, tagging the company in question and adding: "And comfy baby carriers of course."

Hanging with Radley
Photo via Instagram

Is Audrey allowed to do this? Of course.

Is she harming her kids by doing any of this? No.

But is she pretending to have the best interests of her followers in mind when she talks about various products online that she allegedly uses as a mother when, in reality, she’s simply acting as a spokeswoman for one brand or another?

Yes, she absolutely is doing this.