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Audrey Roloff has shared a pair of new photos of her baby son.

But the photos come with a catch.

And this catch has a bunch of critics rather pissed off.

Allow us to explain…

Hanging with Radley
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this week, the former TLC personality uploaded the following two snapshots to her Instagram Story.

As you can see, each is a close-up of young Radley, who was born to Audrey and Jeremy in November and who joined siblings Bode and Ember in this immediate family.

Each image also features Radley snuggled up some comfortable clothing and also a comfortable carrier.

Both are from a very specific brand, and this is where the issues crop up for Roloff.

"Another top 5 item @snuggle_me_organic," wrote the mother of three as the caption to one of these photos.

"And comfy baby carriers of course," she added in the second, along with a red heart emoji.

Snuggle Me Organic, of course, is a brand.

The brand bills itself online as "the #1 organic sensory baby lounger that holds and hugs your little one. Organic swaddles and loungers perfect for your newborn."

Audrey is almost undoubtedly getting paid for these posts.

Is she allowed to do so? Of course.

Is she just taking advantage of a universe in which an endless array of celebrities market items to their followers, often passing off this promotion as regular advice or praise?


Photo via Instagram

But plenty of Instagram users out there are aghast that Audrey would basically drag her son into an advertisement without his permission.

"Must she profit off the kid?!?" reads one comment below these photos.

"She has turned parenthood into a business," reads another. "It’s disgusting."

Audrey Roloff and Kids, Out and About
Photo via Instagram

Audrey and Jeremy left Little People, Big World in 2018 and have since written a best-selling memoir.

However, the memoir was about their marriage and about love in general and the couple got similarly trashed at the time for exploiting the entire concept of romance.

For her part, Audrey has often been met with criticism when it comes to how she handles her children.

Earlier this month, for example, folks jumped all over Audrey for cooking up a messy storm in the presence of Radley.

Photo via Instagram

Elsewhere, Audrey had to defend herself against assumptions that she’s anti-modern medicine after she shared a five-part story about her latest labor and delivery.

"I had incredible labor and delivery nurses for both Ember and Bode’s births and LOVED them," Roloff wrote in response to a remakr that accused her of such.

She added at the time:

"I just desired a more natural approach to birth and didn’t want any unnecessary medical interventions (more likely in the hospital)."