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Teresa Giudice has some bad news for the haters, trolls and doubters.

We’re sure she’s sorry-not-sorry to break it to them.

But here goes:

Forget all you’ve heard. Ignore the rumors and scoff at the speculation. Because this veteran The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member?

Teresa Giudice Confessional Photograph

She isn’t going anywhere, folks.

“I think I’m gonna ride it out,” Teresa said of her future on this beloved franchise during a recent episode of E! News‘ The Daily Pop.

She added at the time:

“I started it and I think I’m going to ride it out to the end, until [Andy Cohen] doesn’t want me anymore.”

Photo via BRAVO

Chatter over Giudice possibly getting fired started to heat up last year amid reports that the long-time star had grown stale.

"[She’s] too expensive and they can filter through different women," an insider claimed in February 2021 of Giudice, adding of why Teresa started to allege on air that Jackie’s Goldschneider was being unfaithful:

"She’s desperately trying to stay relevant…

"If they get rid of her, it’s because they pay her too much and her act is no longer worth it, but she’s been a franchise favorite forever."

Teresa Giudice with a Smile

Since these articles made the social media rounds, however, Giudice has gotten engaged to Luis Ruelas.

Some folks out there believe she took this step in order to juice up her storyline on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

We can’t verify whether or not that was the basis for the proposal and the engagement — but Giudice andd Ruelas have very much been front and center all season long.

Teresa has blown up at her co-stars on more than one occasion for the way they’ve questioned her fiance’s past, even screaming at her own brother in a just-released trailer for the upcoming reunion.

Photo via Instagram

Will Teresa and Luis therefore take the next logical step (for reality stars such as themselves, that is) and get married on some kind of Bravo special?

“I don’t know. We’ll see,” she teased to E! News last week.

All Giudice can say for certain about her impending Big Day is that sister-in-law Melissa Gorga will NOT be a bridesmaid.

And why not?

Teresa Giudice ANGRY

“It is what it is,” Teresa explained to E!.

“I’m not her best friend, she’s not my best friend. We’re family. I love her. She’s my sister-in-law, and vice versa.

"And I’m sure she loves me because I’m her sister-in-law. But do we hang out like best friends?

"No, we don’t, and I’m okay with that.”

Photo via Instagram

During this same interview, Giudice claimed that her ex-husband (who is livingg Italy as a result of getting deported) is "happy" for her and Ruelas… and she just wishes her colleagues would feel the same way.

“This is not something [Luis] signed up for. He met Teresa Giudice and, of course, this comes along,” she says.

“Does he want to be on TV? No. But if he dates me, does he have to be on TV?

"I mean, of course, otherwise everyone’s gonna be upset with me, like, ‘Why am I not bringing my boyfriend around?’”