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Despite everything that has been said about Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice is serious in this engagement.

She’ll go to war with people questioning the relationship, and she’s already planning the wedding.

This week, Tre revealed that Melissa Gorga — her sister-in-law — is not invited to be a bridesmaid.

Melissa says that’s just fine with her … since Teresa "would’ve put me in an ugly dress anyway."

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Teresa Guidice appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live, which is where she revealed that she will have "eight" bridesmaids.

Fellow guest Loni Love obviously had a follow-up question: who among Teresa’s castmates would be a bridesmaid?

Teresa revealed that none of them would — including her sister-in-law, Melissa.

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The audience was audibly astonished by the news.

Teresa, who seemed to think that it was no big deal, asked that no one blow it out of proportion.

Andy defended the audience, noting that they were a reactive crowd … reacting to big news, to be honest.

Melissa Gorga Gets All Up in Teresa Giudice's Face

What was even more stunning is that Teresa had not actually told Melissa this in person.

She was already at the stage where she was ready to pick out floral arrangements (with acclaimed floral designer Preston Bailey, no less).

Sort of weird for someone that close to you to not yet know that they won’t be part of your wedding party, right?

Teresa Giudice and Her Fiance

That was not all that went down in the episode, including Teresa speaking about her guided hallucinatory "journey" in which she saw Andy Cohen as a guest at her wedding.

(Apparently, she chose hallucination as a means of helping to decide to have her wedding in New Jersey rather than in Italy)

Loni had also been under the impression that Andy had dated Sarah Jessica Parker at one point, which was … a lot to unpack for everyone.

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Meanwhile, Melissa spoke about the revelation on her Melissa Gorga on Display podcast.

"I did find out on TV that I’m not going to be in Teresa’s wedding," she admitted.

"And," Melissa confirmed to the audience, "I’m not a bridesmaid."

Teresa Giudice Faces Melissa Gorga

That means that not only did Melissa not know ahead of time, but Teresa didn’t reach out before she saw the episode.

(Best case scenario, that means that she was watching live)

"I understand," Melissa said, adding: "To each their own."

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"She probably would’ve put me in an ugly dress anyway," Melissa then half-joked.

She admitted that she had "pretty much assumed" that she would not be a bridesmaid.

Whether that is true, or just something that she said to cover up hurt feelings, is anyone’s guess.

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Melissa speculated that Teresa’s choice in bridesmaids might just be her four daughters.

Alternatively, it might be odd if Teresa’s new sisters-in-law are bridesmaids but Melissa is not.

Weirdly, it doesn’t sound like the two have spoken at all in the couple of days between Teresa’s revelation and Melissa’s podcast. Awkward!

Melissa Gorga Looms Over Teresa Giudice

Picking out a wedding party is complicated, and it’s impossible to please everyone.

The lack of communication about this seems to indicate that there’s some underlying drama … or one of them is really bad at returning text messages.

Perhaps Teresa’s choices will be easier to understand as this season continues. Or maybe they’ll look that much weirder.