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If you’re a longtime Teen Mom 2 viewer, then you almost certainly remember Nathan Griffith.

Nathan was engaged to Jenelle Evans during some of her wildest years.

And considering her life is still a festering hot mess, that’s really saying something.

The two of them have a child together, but Nathan doesn’t appear to play a very big role in young Kaiser’s life — more on that later.

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Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Nathan because frankly, who cares what he’s up to?

But just for old time’s sake, we decided to update you on a major development in Mr. Griffith’s life that took place sometime in the past week:

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Nathan recently got married to a woman named May Oyola.

The couple made their holy union Facebook official on Friday.

Details about the wedding are scarce, because, again, no one is really all that interested in what Nathan has going on these days.

All we know at present is that Nathan and May are making their home in Miami, which might explain why Nate hasn’t been very present in Kaiser’s life lately.

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According to The Ashley, Kaiser was not in attendance at the wedding, which is a little weird, as Nathan and Jenelle were on decent terms with one another last we checked.

In February, Jenelle mentioned Nate in an Instagram video, and she claimed that he and David Eason are finally getting along after years of feuding.

Jenelle lies about as casually as most people draw breath, but it seems that she was actually telling the truth in this case.

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In the sort of social media post that could only come from a one of these losers, Nathan even credited Eason for the fact that he’s not beating Kaiser anymore.

We guess when you’re looking to give credit to David Eason, you have to set the bar very, very low.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why Kaiser couldn’t make it to the wedding, but it could have been a simple matter of logistical — or budgetary — concerns.

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After all, Jenelle and David haven’t worked in years, and Nathan’s employment status is uncertain.

Sure, Jenelle launched an OnlyFans over the weekend, but she’s probably not earning real income from it yet, and flights from North Carolina to Miami are probably pretty expensive this time of year.

She might have liked the idea of unloading one of her kids for a few days so that she could focus on creating content, but she would still have three others running around the Land.

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Besides, it’s not like having kids around has ever stopped Jenelle from posting selfies — that’s what the she-shed is for!

Anyway, our sincere congratulations go out to Nathan and May.

This is the fourth engagement and second marriage for Nathan who broke up with Ashley Lanhardt in 2021.

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We don’t know much about May yet, but she’s sure to start popping up on Nate’s Instagram page eventually.

We’ll update you when that happens — assuming any of you actually still care what’s going on with Nathan Griffith!