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We have an update on Shirlene "Ms. Juicy" Pearson.

And, thankfully, it’s a positive one.

In a statement posted on her Instagram page Monday, representatives for Ms. Juicy confirmed that the Little Women: Atlanta star was no longer in the ICU.

She has reportedly been transferred to a different part of the hospital after having previously suffered a stroke, a development we reported on just over a week ago.

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"We are thankful to announce Ms Juicy has been moved out the ICU, however there is a new journey ahead of her for healing," the statement reads. "We can confirm that Ms Juicy did suffer a stroke."

The long-time reality star also sent a message through this same rep:

"Ms Juicy is a very private person and wants everyone to know she is fighting and ready to go home.

"She wants to thank her fans for showing so much love and keeping her in their prayers."

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On April 29, a post on Ms. Juicy’s Instagram page stated that she had been "stabilized in the ICU."

No cause for the hospitalization was revealed at the time.

The account did shard a quote from Ms. Juicy on Saturday, however, while remained in the ICU. And it was classic Ms. Juicy.

"I’m still the Queen of Atlanta boo," the TLC personality said.

It’s unclear at the moment exactly what kind of state Ms. Juicy is in, which helps to explain why her sister has set up a GoFundMe page to help the star in her recovery.

"Household and medical bills have been piling up," reads the description on this page, which has thus far raised just under $4,000.

"She has just been moved from ICU but is still in the hospital recovering for what we know will be a long road.

"Although we don’t have a definitive date of when she will be out of the hospital and be able to get back to work, we do need your help until she recovers.

"Whatever you can give, we would deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much for keeping her and us all in your prayers; we are all truly thankful."

Ms. Juicy

Ms. Juicy was a guest in Little Women: Atlanta’s first season before becoming a full-time cast member in season 2.

She appeared on the series through season 6, which aired in 2021… and which featured a legitimate tragedy after Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley "Minnie" Ross was killed in a hit-and-run car accident.

The incident took place in April 2020.

Ross was 34 years old, and she was close friends with Ms. Juicy.

Photo via TLC

Said a rep for the show last year:

"[Ross] was the most beautiful, kind, giving, generous human ever.

"She was adored by cast and crew because she always wore her heart on her sleeve.

"There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for those she loved."