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On the Selling Sunset Season 5 Reunion, Chrishell Stause revealed that she is dating G Flip.

The Australian musician is not a castmate or a fellow realtor.

As it turns out, the two met when Chrishell took a modeling gig, appearing in one of their music videos.

Now, that music video has been released, and watching their steamy makeout session makes it very clear how their relationship took off.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Make Out

This is one wild meet cute.

G Flip released their music video for "GET ME OUTTA HERE" on Thursday, May 12.

Chrishell isn’t just a backup dancer. She plays G Flip’s love interest, and spents a sizable portion of the video locking lips with G Flip.

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This music video was released just one week after Chrishell went public with the relationship.

While the video itself would have made an eye-opening debut, it was, after all, just a job — when it was filmed, the two were simply acting.

Clearly, making out for a role in the aisles of a tiny convenience store made it clear to both of them that they’d like to bring their work home with them, so to speak.

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Chrishell is super hot in this video, by the way. 

She is wearing a strapless black leather dress, which is already a lot, and at times seems seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction of the best kind.

Chrishell previously described the video as being about a "chaotic love story," and that’s absolutely the energy that comes across as the music plays.

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Earlier this week, just days after the Reunion aired, Chrishell addressed her fans and followers on social media.

She knows that some people are just a little confused about topics like gender and sexuality, and had questions about her dating G Flip.

Some of us have so many nonbinary friends and acquaintances that a reality star dating a nonbinary musician is just a relationship update. For others, it felt like a mystery.

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Chrishell opened up in a very gentle manner on Instagram, admitting that she is not the best person to talk about this.

She didn’t delve into the core concepts of gender, except to acknowledge that gender is not the same thing as biology.

The idea of the gender binary is not universal — countless cultures through history, from various Native American nations to Ancient Egypt, listed more than two genders.

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So someone who is nonbinary simply does not fit into a particular cultural construct — the gender binary.

Again, Chrishell didn’t delve that deeply into the topic, but offered a simple and abbreviated explanation to people for whom this is new territory.

While there are other famous people in the entertainment industry who are nonbinary, often people learn best from having people in their own lives who aren’t men or women.

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One especially encouraging and supportive voice following Chrishell’s explanation was that of her ex-boyfriend, Jason Oppenheim.

"Such a beautiful video," Jason wrote under her post, offering affirming emojis.

Honestly, most exes aren’t even that supportive when their ex-girlfriend moves on with a cisgender partner, so seeing it in this case is heartwarming.